Race Results for
Patriots Criterium (NC Criterium Championship)
Fayetteville, NC
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Criterium on 05/26/2008

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Men - 55+ - MR - 55-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Kerry Shields   Salisbury, NC 32468   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
2552.50Cyrus Hogue   Hillsborough, NC 193634   Tri-Cyclists BRC
3565.00Peter Leousis   Hillsborough, NC 155667   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
4577.50William Rabley   Denton, NC 271872   VeloProject.com
5590.00John Bevier   Raleigh, NC 149082   TheSpinCycle

Men - 45+ - MR - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1526.28Ronald Hinson   Raleigh, NC 128494   Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
2531.18David LeDuc   Willow Springs, NC 45583   Mercy Cycling Team
3536.08Mac Canon   Southern Pines, NC 45158   Hincapie / Coca-Cola presented by Barkle
4540.98Kirk Port   Raleigh, NC 28450   Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
5545.89Randy Smith   Pleasant Garden, NC 225439   VeloProject.com
6550.79Gary Blackington   Cary, NC 57377   Inside Out Sports; Presented by Zaytoun
7555.69David Proffitt   Pittsboro, NC 82910   Doughnut Boy Racing Team
8560.59Thomas Evans   Indian Trail, NC 98837   Salsarita's
9565.49Dean Hesterberg   Cary, NC 141344   Team Simple Green
10570.39Andrew Ammon   Statesville, NC 89565   Carolina Masters Team
11575.30Paul Steagall   Florence, SC 33897   Team Pfeiffer Cycling
12580.20Gregory Combs   Southern Pines, NC 50401   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
13585.10Charles Eller   Statesville, NC 147265   Salsarita's
14590.00Robert Holmes   Salisbury, NC 253650   Carolina Masters Cycling Club

Men - 35+ 4/5 - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Gary Krol   Mt Gilead, NC 202083   QREP
2543.85michael chappell   Richfield, NC 271102   Central Carolina Racing
3547.69Patrick Davenport   Hope Mills, NC 56989   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
4551.54Wayne Baucino   Greensboro, NC 271082   VeloProject.com
5555.38Matthew Thomas   Greensboro, NC 256200   Greensboro Velo Club
6559.23Brian Stoll   Morehead City, NC 276146   Unattached
7563.08Duane Ball   Austinburg, OH 245093   Presque Isle Cycling Club
8566.92Dean Wood   Salisbury, NC 272583   Carolina Masters Team
9570.77Justin St Germain   Fayetteville, NC 247525   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
10574.62Steven Jordan   Raleigh, NC 200950   TheSpinCycle
11578.46James Austin   Raeford, NC 57234   Flight Club
12582.31James Fisher (1 - Cat5)   Garner, NC 274830   Unattached
13586.15Todd Glunt (2 - Cat5)   Surpise, AZ 240281   TheSpinCycle
14590.00Warren Brown   Raleigh, NC 172383   Cycling Spoken Here Racing

Men - 35+ 1/2/3 - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1514.94Charlie Brown   Salisbury, NC 61620   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
2521.20Derek Powers   Carrboro, NC 28586   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
3527.45Kevin Gordon   Apex, NC 53026   TheSpinCycle
4533.71Philippe Humbert   Greer, SC 48421   The Gang Group
5539.96Timothy Mullins   Richmond, VA 56762   Virginia Beach Velo/East Coast Bicycles
6546.22Thomas Ziermann   Wilmington, NC 63413   The Gang Group
7552.47Ricardo Maset   Fort Myers, FL 247071   Standard Pacific Homes Cycling Team
8558.73Michael VandenHeuvel   Cary, NC 193795   Flight Club
9564.98B (Gene) Fowler   Boone, NC 108975   SR Racing
10571.24Bryan Sorrell   Virginia Beach, VA 188651   SR Racing
11577.49Joseph O'Callaghan   Fort Bragg, NC 50448   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
12583.75Gregory Combs   Southern Pines, NC 50401   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
13590.00Jason Ward   Matthews, NC 92017   Capri Foundation/CSH

Men - JR - 10-12

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Timothy Dean   Oxford, NC 275039   Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
2William Guillen      
3Luis Guillen      
4Cooper Wrona      Raleigh All Stars
5590.00Luke Thomas   Fayeteville, NC 272006   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4

Men - JR - 13-14

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1527.44Thomas Wrona   Whispering Pines, NC 230781   Raleigh Allstars
2546.62Ryan Peterson   Richmond, VA 249705   Endorphin Fitness
3565.81Daniel Brew   Fayetteville, NC 231631   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
4584.99Christian Clinton   Fayetteville, NC 204779   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4

Men - JR - 15-16

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00John Siegrist   Lewisville, NC 252041   Piedmont Velo Sports
2550.00Jacob Arnold   Fort Collins, CO 259024   Cycling Spoken Here Racing
3560.00Chris Holmes   Salisbury, NC 255512   Carolina Masters Team
4570.00Wyatt Briggs   Lexington, NC 271559   Team Pfeiffer Cycling
5580.00Ryan Peterson   Richmond, VA 249705   Endorphin Fitness
6Jeremiah Dyer      Studio 7

Men - JR - 17-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Austin Wood   Salisbury, NC 272594   Carolina Masters Team
2556.67Ross Barnhardt   Raleigh, NC 231634   Paceline Bicycles
3573.33Dominic Martinez   Cary, NC 237977   Unattached
4590.00Justin Evans   Boone, NC 267363   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1529.51R Blair Craig (1 - Cat1)   Belmont, NC 179229   Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club
2530.66Uriel Rayo    262957   Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
3531.82Ronald Hinson   Raleigh, NC 128494   Raleigh Allstars Bike Club
4532.97Dennis Livesay (1 - Cat2)   Charlotte, NC 55364   Bolt Brothers Cycles Racing
5534.12Landen Wark-Acebo   Brookline, MA 237597   Inside Out Sports; Presented by Zaytoun
6535.28Ashley Powell   Greensboro, NC 59523   NC Cycling
7536.43Christopher Judy (1 - Pro)   Salt Lake City, UT 130995   DLP Racing
8537.58Terry Huss   Clayton, NC 218947   Raleigh Allstars
9538.74David Jordan   Chapel Hill, NC 192746   Unattached
10539.89Timothy Klotz   Morrisville, NC 204120   Monstr Health Cycling
11541.04Mitchell Luck   Chapel Hill, NC 186626   Triangle Velo
12542.20Matthew Howe (2 - Pro)   Raleigh, NC 223721   DLP Racing
13543.35Solomon Kobes   Chapel Hill, NC 19513   Triangle Velo
14544.50Kris Stein   Arlington, VA 42628   Triangle Velo
15545.66Keith Gerarden   Chapel Hill, NC 253478   Triangle Velo
16546.81B (Gene) Fowler   Boone, NC 108975   SR Racing
17547.96James Bender   Seattle, WA 122052   SR Racing
18549.12Ted Hopkins   Wake Forest, NC 48697   Team Simple Green
19550.27Lucas Joppa   Durham, NC 133427   Homegrown Racing
20551.42Naveen Penmetsa   Chapel Hill, NC 229863   Franklin Street Cycles
21552.58Owen McDonnell   Chapel Hill, NC 258043   Virginia Polytechnic University
22553.73Timothy Mullins   Richmond, VA 56762   Virginia Beach Velo/East Coast Bicycles
23554.88Quentin Read   Durham, NC 240854   Fastcoaching.com
24556.04Jake Byrd   Winston Salem, NC 233818   Benissimo
25557.19Daniel Clymore-Greene (2 - Cat2)   Chapel Hill, NC 243168   Franklin Street Cycles
26558.34John Cox   Winston Salem, NC 171150   MOB Cycling
27559.50Scott Frederick (1 - Cat3)   Raleigh, NC 66359   TheSpinCycle
28560.65Mark Jellous   High Point, NC 195408   MOB Cycling
29561.80Patrick Raines   Cary, NC 43378   TIME Factory Development Team
30562.95Bryan Sorrell   Virginia Beach, VA 188651   SR Racing
31564.11Richard Nance   Winston Salem, NC 181571   Hearts Racing Club
32565.26Daryl Rains   Winston Salem, NC 64810   Mock Orange Bikes
33566.41Darren Fuller   Cornelius, NC 49061   Hincapie / Coca-Cola presented by Barkle
34567.57Kelly Holmes   Clemmons, NC 50913   MOB Cycling
35568.72Jeremy Conn   Raleigh, NC 49889   Unattached
36569.87Shane Martin   Harrisburg, NC 56884   Hincapie / Coca-Cola presented by Barkle
37571.03Ben Faulk   Winston Salem, NC 187086   Giordana-Clif Bar Cycling Team
38572.18Charles Eller   Statesville, NC 147265   Salsarita's

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00John Crow   Mint Hill, NC 253847   Unattached
2541.61Sterling Swaim   Winston Salem, NC 53395   Benissimo
3543.23Daniel Lawrence   Kenosha, WI 224833   Unattached
4544.84David Johnson   Greensboro, NC 59086   Greensboro Velo Club
5546.45James Bender   Seattle, WA 122052   SR Racing
6548.07Phillip Johnson   Alexandria, VA 252681   SR Racing
7549.68Micheal Hitz   Winston Salem, NC 49216   Benissimo
8551.29David Webster   Hope Mills, NC 63287   Unattached
9552.90Michael Galloway   Winston Salem, NC 228724   Clemmons Bicycle Racing
10554.52Michael Koballa   Greensboro, NC 256611   Inland Construction
11556.13Shawn Kane   Jacksonville, NC 193793   North Carolina State University-Raleigh
12557.74Robert George   Raleigh, NC 13050   TheSpinCycle
13559.36Daniel Clymore-Greene   Chapel Hill, NC 243168   Franklin Street Cycles
14560.97Joseph O'Callaghan   Fort Bragg, NC 50448   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
15562.58Scott Frederick   Raleigh, NC 66359   TheSpinCycle
16564.20Alexander Galeano   Aberdeen, NC 202216   Flight Club
17565.81Owen McDonnell   Chapel Hill, NC 258043   Virginia Polytechnic University
18567.42Richard Nance   Winston Salem, NC 181571   Hearts Racing Club
19569.04Andrew Brockway   Mebane, NC 58614   Bitter Dose Cycling
20570.65Jake Byrd   Winston Salem, NC 233818   Benissimo
21572.26James Thomas   Durham, NC 168154   Franklin Street Cycles
22573.88Jason Chapple   Winston Salem, NC 237066   Benissimo
23575.49Adrian Carter   Chapel Hill, NC 187513   Franklin Street Cycles

Men - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1538.00Gregory Bell   Greensboro, NC 220951   Friendly Bike Shop
2539.27Terry Lovell   Elizabeth City, NC 256215   SR Racing
3540.54Jacob Arnold   Fort Collins, CO 259024   Cycling Spoken Here Racing
4541.81Tupper Cole   Raleigh, NC 205307   National Capital Velo Club/Inova Health
5543.08Kelly Evans   Charlotte, NC 193046   Unattached
6544.35Jason Marshall   Harrisburg, NC 240167   Giordana-Clif Bar Cycling Team
7545.63Neill Rowland   Charlotte, NC 223385   Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing
8546.90Brendan Crow   Wilmington, NC 246613   University of North Carolina at Wilmingt
9548.17John Fender   Salisbury, NC 257303   Carolina Masters Team
10549.44Steven Drake   Hampton, VA 173547   Team Contes/HCC
11550.71Adam Long   Pittsboro, NC 264829   Tri-Cyclists BRC
12551.98Danny Mathis   East Bend, NC 227423   Piedmont Velo Sports
13553.25Jimm McElroy   Weaverville, NC 240433   TheSpinCycle
14554.52Andrew Passer   Raleigh, NC 256135   Unattached
15555.79Andrew Norman   Carrboro , NC 200573   Clemmons Bicycle Racing
16557.06Jason Casteen   Albemarle, NC 214686   Team Pfeiffer Cycling
17558.34Steven Walker   Quantico, VA 72476   Unattached
18559.61William Peterson   Pittsboro, NC 249957   Inland Construction
19560.88Don Burgoon   Gastonia, NC 159138   Standard Pacific Homes Cycling Team
20562.15Edward Adamy   Southern Pines, NC 275305   Flight Club
21563.42William Stout   Lexington, NC 216371   VeloProject.com
22564.69Greg Robitaille   Raleigh, NC 166834   Back to Dirt Racing Group
23565.96Matthew Thomas   Greensboro, NC 256200   Greensboro Velo Club
24567.23David Flynn   Winston Salem 277970   Unattached
25568.50John Siegrist   Lewisville, NC 252041   Piedmont Velo Sports
26569.77Patrick Davenport   Hope Mills, NC 56989   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
27571.05Dominic Martinez   Cary, NC 237977   Unattached
28572.32Wayne Baucino   Greensboro, NC 271082   VeloProject.com
29573.59Thomas Wrona   Whispering Pines, NC 230781   Raleigh Allstars
30574.86Kevin Englestad   Cary, NC 256859   University of North Carolina at Wilmingt
31576.13Jeff Wrona   Pinehurst, NC 230777   Raleigh Allstars

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Watts Dixon   Greensboro, NC 274846   Friendly Bike Shop
2542.00Andy Fedoriw   Durham, NC 262373   Tri-Cyclists BRC
3544.00Jason Horn   Clayton, NC 271683   TheSpinCycle
4546.00Ryan Abel   Holly Springs, NC 273835   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
5548.00Kem Newman   Charlotte, NC 275277   Unattached
6Carl Philyaw      
7552.00Brian Stoll   Morehead City, NC 276146   Unattached
8554.00David Nessner   Seven Lakes, NC 274336   Flight Club
9Charles Bookwalter      C4
10558.00Eric Jacobsson   Cary, NC 266257   TheSpinCycle
11560.00Stephen Daigle   Chapel Hill, NC 278182   Tri-Cyclists BRC
12562.00Michael Julio   Charlotte, NC 247570   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
13564.00William Collins   Wilmington, NC 274707   University of North Carolina at Wilmingt
14566.00John Bevier   Raleigh, NC 149082   TheSpinCycle
15568.00Ryan Keefer   Durham, NC 259504   Tri-Cyclists BRC
16570.00Wick Smith III   Norfolk, VA 272484   Virginia Beach Velo
17Ryan A Galdes      
18574.00Andrew Benbow   Fayetteville, NC 229304   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
19576.00Christopher Wardlaw   Fort Rucker, AL 276418   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
20578.00Thomas Luzzi   Cary, NC 271846   Unattached
21580.00Justin Evans   Boone, NC 267363   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
22582.00Steven Jordan   Raleigh, NC 200950   TheSpinCycle
23584.00Daniel Brew   Fayetteville, NC 231631   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
24586.00Todd Glunt   Surpise, AZ 240281   TheSpinCycle
25Donald P Donnell      
26Andrew Arends      

Women - 45+ - MR - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Janet Edgerton   Raleigh, NC 195599   BMW/Bianchi
2Lynn Pitson   Salisbury, NC 235467   Carolina Masters Cycling Club

Women - 35+ - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Janet Trubey   Fletcher, NC 187030   North Carolina Cyclocross

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1540.00Lauren Beastall   Huntersville, NC 184688   Harris Teeter Cycling Team
2548.33Lara Cassidy   Charlotte, NC 224486   Hincapie / Coca-Cola presented by Barkle
3556.67Annie Lux   Houston, TX 185306   Team 19 Cycling
4565.00Haley Beann   Menlo Park, CA 232473   RockyMounts~Izze Racing
5573.33Melissa Wills (1 - Cat3)   Carrboro, NC 210929   BMW/Bianchi
6581.67Lisa Preslar   Oakboro, NC 221772   Hincapie / Coca-Cola presented by Barkle
7590.00Janet Edgerton   Raleigh, NC 195599   BMW/Bianchi

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1537.36Evie Boswell-Vilt   Baltimore, MD 254664   BMW/Bianchi
2543.94Jane Alexander   Cary, NC 276504   BMW/Bianchi
3550.52Erika Hollingsworth   Summerfield, NC 258400   Unattached
4557.10Emily Shields   Salisbury, NC 220875   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
5563.68Katherine Shields   Salisbury, NC 220876   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
6570.26Janet Trubey   Fletcher, NC 187030   North Carolina Cyclocross
7576.84Lynn Pitson   Salisbury, NC 235467   Carolina Masters Cycling Club
8583.42Angela Krol   Mt. Gilead, NC 275906   Central Carolina Racing
9590.00Robin Nance   Winston Salem, NC 250150   Unattached

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