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Road Race on 04/09/2005

Note: Ranking points are NOT upgrade points. An explanation of ranking points can be found here.

Men - JR - 10-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
2Nolan Froese   Columbia, MO 222865   CBC
3Luke Chandra      CBC
4John Caldwell   Villa Ridge, MO 211170   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
5Ben Pohlman   Columbia, MO 225140   CBC
6Michael Conrad      Dogfish
7Von Bokel      
8Chartlie Diehl   Columbia, IL 204286   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
9Matt Fickinger   Imperial, MO 203621   Cyclones

Men - Pro/Cat 1/2

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Andrew Crater (1 - Cat1)   Greenville , SC 70612   Team Wheel and Sprock
2Brian Jensen   Lawrence 185340   HRRC / Saddlewood/ Specialized/ Bikesour
3Ryan Nenninger      ABD
4Frank Dierking      ABD
5William Stolte   Topeka, KS 34257   Heartland
6Reid Mumford   Sandy, UT 25407   ABD Cycling Team
7Michael Lanyon (2 - Cat1)   Saint Louis, MO 198389   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
8Luca Fagundes (3 - Cat1)   Madison, WI 151956   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
9Doug Greek   Springfield, MO 138155   Mercy Cycling Team
10Mike Ebert   Winfield, IL 67323   ABD Cycling Team
11Chris Strout (4 - Cat1)   Hendersonville, NC 177553   Team Mack Paper Co.
12Matthew Barker   Evansville, IN 51711   Heroes Foundation
13Andrew Applegate   Asheville, NC 1829   Honey Stinger/Spinergy Cycling Team
14Jordan Roessingh   Madison, WI 170411   Nova/ISCorp
15Charles Crouse   Indianapolis, IN 194993   Dogfish
17Joshua Johnson   Columbia, MO 75343   Big Shark Racing Team
18Jeffrey Schroetlin   Argenta, IL 66615   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
19Adam Mills   Lewisville, TX 102467   Heartland
20Shadd Smith   Overland Park, KS 138402   Bikesource
21Bryce med   Sterling, IL 165869   ABD Cycling Team
22Brian Dziewa   Saint Louis, MO 126190   Mercy Cycling Team
23Adam Stone   Bloomington, IL 199810   Turin Bicycle/Life Fitness
24David Sachs   Boulder 156958   Advantage
25Andrew Lister   Springfield, IL 148168   Proctor Cycling Team
26David Stone   St Joseph, IL 53468   C-U Racing
27Russell van der Genugten (1 - Cat2)   Bloomington, IN 206194   CYCLING CENTER- BIO RACER
28Mark Murawski   St Louis, MO 144636   Gateway Cycling Club
29Martin Adamczyk   San Diego, CA 115698   DHL

Men - Cat 3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Andrew Smith   Philadelphia, PA 203855   Proctor Cycling Team
2Justin Maciekowicz   Overland, MO 199884   Big Shark Racing Team
2Bret Neylon   Brownsburg, IN 194582   
4Dan Bruns      
5Michael Necessary   Normal, IL 189614   Team Mack Paper Co.
6David Staab   Madison, WI 205836   
7Beat Bartlome   Arnold, MO 165084   
8George Langford   Chicago, IL 182254   
9Douglas Davis   Defiance, MO 59024   
10Michael Lionberg   Fort Collins, CO 195162   Team Beans & Barley
11Kelly Sparks   Bloomington, IN 53872   Peoria Bicycle Club
12Randy Coddington      
13Jim Farasy   Springfield, MO 192024   
14Andy Smart   Catlin, IL 191391   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
15Andrew Gibbs   Edwardsville, IL 159580   St. Louis Cycling Club
16Adrian Roop   Cameron, NC 187359   Team Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
17Timothy Rister   Dow, IL 65319   
18Nathan Rice   Durham, NC 29688   Big Shark Racing Team
19Cale McAninch   Ozark, MO 112498   Ozark Cycling Club
20Chan Chenoweth   La Grange Park, IL 199992   
21Brian Shoemaker   Saint Louis, MO 101410   
22Howard Smith      
23Robert Schrank   Gurnee, IL 118745   Alberto's Sport
24Jonathan Gray   Chicago, IL 215055   Team Mack Paper Co.
25Christian Leasic   Taylor, MS 102326   Memphis Motor Werks
26scott hill   Eureka, MO 90256   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
27scott moon   Avon, IN 169205   
28Joe Fuller   Prospect, KY 174113   
29Aaron Hinni      
30Richard Cavendish   Champaign, IL 127036   
31Scott Fredrickson   Peoria, IL 204693   Proctor Cycling Team
32Brandon J Antoniewicz   Chicago, IL 118186   
33Dan Bischoff   St Louis, MO 54198   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
34Oreste Pesselato   St Louis, MO 180691   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle

Men - Cat 4/5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Chris Ploch   St Louis, MO 163562   DRJ-Racing
2Robert Van Daley   Edwardsville, IL 168498   St Louis Cycle
3erik sutton (1 - Cat5)   Chicago, IL 220778   xxxracing
4Joseph Nalley   Louisville, KY 197048   N/A
5Justin Allen   Edwardsville, IL 195508   STLCC
6Jose Bermudez   College Station, TX 207327   Big Shark
7Matthew Dawson   Glen Carbon, IL 180601   St Louis Cycling
8Andrew Singleton   Manchester, MO 205729   Veloforce
9Mike Best   Ashland, MO 180613   Sunset
11Eric Goodwin   Chicago, IL 203399   XXX Racing-AthletiCo
12Joseph Farris   Plainfield, IL 193029   
13Ryan Edwards Bertrand   Bloomington, IL 193735   Proctor Cycling Team
14Pedro Silva   Fairfax, VA 209781   Velo Force
15Alan Christanell   Kirkwood, MO 189610   Gateway
16grant bement   Ballwin, MO 192108   DRJ Racing
17Andrew Theiling   St. Louis, MO 203844   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
18John Lynch   Chesterfield, MO 63511   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
19William Perry   Normal, IL 193098   Proctor Cycling Team
20Wesley Biermann   Ballwin, MO 221886   drj-racing
21Todd Harris   Webster Groves, MO 201013   ICCC
22Sam Rhoads   Nashville, IN 192285   
23Chris Schena   Peoria, IL 208472   Proctor Cycling Team
24Mark Hofmeister   St Louis, MO 185102   Big Shark Racing Team
25Jaime Lopez   Carmel, IN 60035   Team Mack Paper Co.
26Corey Klein   Rogers, AR 210106   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
27Bob Arnold   Fenton 195092   DRJ Racing
28Ted Mackae   Wildwood, MO 199922   Big Shark Racing Team
29Mark Hunsaker   Defiance, MO 191671   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
30Jeremie Meitz   Pacific, MO 201942   Gateway Cycling Club
31Ryan Michels   Grandville Mi 225770   Proctor
32Daniel Penner   Portland, OR 199994   CU-Racing
33Darryl Hawkins   St. Charles, MO 183081   Veloforce
34jared driskill   Springfield, IL 216442   Team Mack Paper Co.
35Ryan Heine   Omaha 174565   The Hub
36Sean Hatchett   Springfield, IL 210297   Team Mack Paper Co.
37ROB SEIDEL      
38Joseph Lamere (2 - Cat5)   East Alton, IL 208850   St Louis Cycling
39Mark Grannemann      Big Shark
40Stefano Bruhi      
41Richard Rice   Ozark, MO 186776   
42Mark Sievers      
43Steven Dodge   St Charles, MO 9673   
44Brennan Alton      
46Christopher Barton   Madison, WI 211173   
47Lawrence Collard      
48Joel Meyer   Wilmette, IL 225835   Vision Quest
49John Marti   Rolla, MO 218609   
50Mark Stieren      
51Julian Coupland   Chicago, IL 166704   
52Matt Beazley   Manchester, MO 208928   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
53Michael Leistner   Saint Charles, MO 102662   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
54Martin Gruebele      
55Michael Wilkening      
56Paul Mazurek (3 - Cat5)   Sussex, WI 203589   Team Beans & Barley
57Alan McArthur   Maynard, MA 90292   
58Scott Melies   St Louis, MO 164197   
59James Erlacker   Cape Girardeau, MO 211106   
60Robert Wooldridge   St Louis, MO 183819   Big Shark Racing Team
61Thomas Kenny   Orland Park, IL 210687   
62Dan Peters      
63Michael Mercer   Chesterfield, MO 199265   
64Tom Emerson (4 - Cat5)   O Fallon, MO 219997   
65Christopher Eckels   Champaign, IL 177004   Team Mack Paper Co.
66Mike Gallagher   Webster Groves, MO 205847   
67Laryy Pirtle      

Men - Cat 5

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Steven Schmidt      Digital Home
2Jason Schisler      unaffiliated
3Dan McAdams      unattached
5Matthew Westermeyer   Damascus, OR 220295   unafilliated
6Anthony Lankford   Dix, IL 223351   Team BFC
7Joseph Williams   Apo Ae, AE 222849   unattached
8Bill Macdonald   Edwardsville, IL 225138   St. Louis Cycling Club
9Thomas Gage      Wild Trak Bikes
10Darin Marlow      Big Shark
11Lawrence McDaniel   St Louis, MO 215274   Velo Force
12steve Garske   Chesterfield, MO 192395   
14Matthew Moran   Chicago, IL 212429   XXX Racing - AthletiCo
15Bill Howard   Clayton, MO 201717   Velo Force
16Jon Halterman   Chatham, IL 206388   
17Enrico Lagman      xXx Racing/AthletiCo
18Mark Hanson      
19Jeff May      Digital Home
20Nestor Nacionales      XXXRacing-AthletiCo
21Bob Willems   Chicago, IL 217097   xXx Racing/Athletico
22Bob Crow   Trenton, IL 200216   Dogfish
23Harry Bliss      Vision Quest
24Jim Campbell   Chicago, IL 217673   xXx-AthletiCo Racing
25Kirk Bowman   St Louis, MO 216975   ICCC
26David Robertson      none
27Joseph Wrobel      VQ
29Thomas Ferguson   Windsor, CO 222771   Unattached
31Steve Janis   Naperville, IL 208017   S&B Cycling
32mike hanson      

Men - Master - MR - 35-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Lenny Clapp   Dekalb, IL 166948   Protor
2Mark McGreen   Waukesha, WI 23462   mack
3Mark Swartzendruber   Chicago, IL 154822   Indy Velo/Delta Faucet
4John Fleckenstein   Pewaukee, WI 125362   Team Mack Paper Co.
6Tim Leroy   Waukesha, WI 81044   mack
7David Cerda   Chicago, IL 29029   2CC Pony Shop
8Randal Warren   Chicago, IL 37289   XXX Racing-AthletiCo
9Greg Springborn   Pekin, IL 56370   Proctor Cycling Team
10Joe Walsh      Big Shark
11Darry Bratton   Quincy, IL 55734   mack
12Michael Hills   Springfield, IL 199941   Squadra Chupacabra
13Kurt Russell   St. Louis, MO 196824   Velo Force
14Henry Saha   Mt Prospect, IL 157234   BBC Racing
15Edward Weiss   Webster Groves, MO 56474   veloforce
16Alfonso Reyes   Normal, IL 70519   Proctor Cycling Team

Men - Master - MR - 45-99

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1James Hopson   Iowa City, IA 155004   Mercy-Specialized
2Craig Farrell   Saint Louis, MO 46489   Veloforce
3Stanley Watkins   Bloomington, IL 195265   Proctor Cycling Team
4Dodd Slawson   Eureka, MO 32919   S Chupacabra
5lonnie kennedy   Florissant, MO 45535   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
6Gary Dyer      UA
7Gregory Girouard   Ballwin, MO 46295   Dent Wizard/Maplewood Bicycle
8Steve Kaspar   Ballwin, MO 145260   VeloForce
9stephen hall   Edwardsville, IL 56718   S Chupacabra
10Kent Jones   Fenton, MO 18203   ICCC
11Thomas Rees   Evanston, IL 149922   2CC Pony Shop
12Franco Panveno    93132   Albertos
13Jeff Chattin   Austin, TX 6688   CBC
14Curt Evenson   Springfield, MO 156643   Ozark
15Greg Youngen   Terre Haute, IN 125512   Vergegear.com Midwest
17Mark Obermeier   Black Jack, MO 45745   Dogfish
18james murray   Godfrey, IL 45723   St.L.C.C.
21Kevin Oneil      BBC
22Terry Vacek   Saint Charles, MO 133572   Veloforce
23James Seyer   Wentzville, MO 90821   UA
24Vince Sutton   Chesapeake, VA 196482   Velo Force
25Louis Stiffelman   Saint Louis, MO 70729   Veloforce
26Claus Claussen (1 - Cat3)   O Fallon, MO 7085   St Louis Cycling

Men - Junior - JR - 10-18

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Zachary Hockett   Columbia, MO 216321   

Women - Cat 1/2/3

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Sarah Tillotson   Boise, ID 180905   ABD
2Kelly Benjamin   Whiteman Afb, MO 184788   ABD Cycling Team
3Molly Vetter-Smith   Columbia, MO 210545   Big Shark Racing Team
4Heather Brice   Eureka, MO 83890   Mercy Cycling Team
5Kim Eppen      Mercy
6Carol Hutton   Broomfield, CO 196640   Depauw U
7Carla Farrell   St Louis, MO 49627   Veloforce
8Liz Cazer   Little Rock, AR 193799   Mercy Cycling Team
9Jennifer T Morris   Brownsburg, IN 41015   Morris Trucking
10Anne T Meyer   La Crosse, WI 55494   Mercy-Specialized
11June Upshaw   Mount Prospect, IL 143649   Barrington
12Pam Hinton   Columbia, MO 198666   Big Shark
13Catherine R Burnham   Bartlett, IL 171613   Mercy-Specialized
14Randi K Cox   Bloomington, IN 173157   Morris Trucking
15Carrie Cash   Saint Louis, MO 163561   Mesa Cycles Racing Team
16Caroline Soong   Memphis, TN 196140   Purdue
17Jenna D Boyd   Louisville, CO 196714   Depauw U
18Kristin E Lohn   Glenview, IL 194319   Bianchi/Grand Performance

Women - Cat 4

 Place Points NameCity, StateTime USAC #BibTeam
1Vanessa McKenzie   Saint Louis, MO 203005   Proctor Cycling Team
2Karie Casey      
3Dana Berkbuegler   Fenton, MO 225033   Dogfish
4Kim Schwaab   Fenton, MO 225032   Dogfish
5Darlene Abano      
5Jessica Storozuk   Chicago, IL 223660   XXX Racing-Athletico
6Robin Rongey   Edwardsville, IL 224020   Unattached
8Jennifer Busch      abd
9Mary Blandford      
10Anna Robinson      
11Catherine Koczorowoski   Evanston, IL 214471   Albertos
12Sara Rodney      Dogfish
14Jennifer Cerwin      ABD
15Marilyn Powell   Springfield, IL 186559   Team Mack Paper Co.
16Sara Boyne      abd
17Gini Kenny   Orland Park, IL 210270   ABD Cycling Team
18Christina Lamere      St Louis Cycling
19Jennifer Stacy      xXx Racing/AthletiCo

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