Ray Cipollini Election Statement


Ray Cipollini
Pro Committee - At-Large

To: All members of the USA Cycling / Professional Community
I am running for the position of “At Large” member of the Professional Committee. I believe that our sport is governed well when each Committee (Professional, Road, Mountain Bike, etc.) is comprised of a balanced group of individuals representing the various stakeholder constituencies (Race Directors, Team Directors, Athletes, etc.). I also believe that an At-Large committee member has an obligation to have an impartial view of the challenges and value that each of the constituents bring to the group, while remaining completely focused on the productivity of the Committee and the future direction of the sport of cycling.

In 36+ years of cycling, I have been a professional trade team owner and Director Sportif (men and women), a competitor, coach, racing
official, and event organizer. I have previously served as a USPRO Trustee and am a member of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors, currently serving as its Treasurer.  Professionally, I own a data security consultancy and am a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association.  Formerly, I have worked in the technology and investor relations fields for multi-national, publicly traded insurance and financial institutions.

My responsibility as an At-Large member is obviously to bring a balanced viewpoint of cycling and business to the organization. While our sport has certainly grown and changed over the past 36 years, I believe that more can be accomplished, especially in the areas of marketing and athlete’s rights. Regardless of the challenges and issues that currently confront cycling; you can be assured that my objective as a member of this Committee is to fully represent all members and constituencies of our community for the sole purpose of maximizing the full potential of our beautiful sport.  My belief is that a cooperative approach between all of professional cycling’s stakeholders is the prudent strategy.

I appreciate your support.
Ray Cipollini

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