Phil Miller Election Statement


Phil Miller
Professional Committee — At-Large

The growth of cycling in the United States entails efforts acoss the spectrum of our sport  I am running for a postion on the Professional Commission because success in our professional ranks will result in growth and development for all USAC members. I also am standing for election due to my belief that USAC's future requires active, meaningful communication across the borders that separate disciplines from one another, administrators from members, and most importantly decisions from those they most affect.

While our professional ranks overseas remain very important to the health of cycling here at home, my experience in 43 years in ths sport tells me that we are of the verge of tremendous growth and vitality in our growing dometic professonal peloton  men and women, road, track, 'cross and mountain bike. With this opportunity comes signifcant challenges, as many traditional events struggle for survival, and as new categories of professionals fight to establish new events, new teams and new race series in a difficult economy.

If elected, I would focus my individual efforts in the followng areas:

  • Development and growth of the new National Criterium and National Track Calendars;
  • Promoton of more UCI America's Cup events such that domestic pro teams have an opportunity to get more invitations to the highest level events on the North American Pro Calendar;
  • Gender parity in prize lists for professionals;
  • Development of programs and informational resources that support new professionals and ensure that a decision to pursue a career in cycling carries with it an assurance that the physical and fiscal well-being of athletes is protected and enhanced.

My career in cycling began in the late 1960's  well before there was a domestic pro peloton. I have been an official since 1982, and an International Commissaire for road, track and cyclocross since 1997. Over these years our paths have likely crossed many times, though as is normal for a commissaire I haven't had the opportunity to speak with many of you, even as I have served your events.

Behind the scenes, I have served for the past ten years on our National Techncal Commission, and have worked to teach, evaluate and mentor across the country. I have worked as a Local Association and Velodrome Association President here in Washington State, and have been honored to develop for the State of Washngton one of the few comprehensive public guides to permtting and ensuring safe production of road races. As a transportation planner in both private and public practice, my career has always represented bicyclists and emphasized the development of access and safety for all riders.

Commissaires and competitors share a common bond  whether on the road or at a venue, we both work tirelessly to both improve our "game" and also through our efforts to create a better sport. As a member of the Professional Commission, my vow to you is to be just as tireless in the pursuit of growth and development of the sport in a manner that stresses honor, virtue and integrity.  When you succeed, the sport succeeds, and when the sport succeeds, new riders will get their opportunty as well. Please join me in this effort.

I greatly appreciate your support and your dedication to the sport which we share and which we all love.

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