October 23, 2012 LA Call


When: Wednesday, Oct 23, 2012
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
To listen to recorded call:  Dial - (605) 477-3099
Enter Access Code - 406418#, and enter # again for most recent call
Attendees:   Mark Ewers (MOBRA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Kingsley Rutters (TBRA), Kevin Lennon (MCF), John Sammut (MBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA) Judy Rhyne (CCA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Don Russell (MTBRA),  Eric Smith (SCNCA), Dave Fowkes (ICA),  Roger Cravey (ABC), Joe Holmes (WSBA), Erik Anderson (WSBA), Bonnie Walker (TXBRA), and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA).
Staff:  Steve Johnson, Sean Petty, Gordon Weldon, Valecia Frasier, Susan Diller, Randy Inglis, Jeffrey Hansen, Jan Luke, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list

Steve Johnson: Update on last couple of months’ events… in 2000, NGBs are no longer in the anti-doping business- it’s USADA’s jurisdiction. You’re encouraged to read the reasoned decision (linked from USADA’s website). From the media, it looked more contentious between UCI and USADA than it probably actually was- it wasn’t about guilt or innocence, but jurisdiction- in the end made UCI look bad, a result of WADA code that left some power to international federations such as UCI.
Judy w CCA: George Hincapie and Christian VdV will be at a fun-ride this weekend that is sanctioned through USA Cycling- causing an uproar.
Steve: Suspended riders can’t participate in any event that’s affiliated with the national federation. They are aware, and we might fine them, but USADA has to be the one to extend their suspensions. George is a special case because he’s retired, but that’s up to USADA.
Judy: Concern is that they’re allowed to participate.
Steve: Anyone’s allowed to do whatever they want, the question is the repercussions, and there very well might be for these riders.
Fred: Preview of LA summit agenda. Steve on state of the sport, Todd on insurance, Shawn on rules/officials, Gordon on USADA program with LAs and permit fees, Tara on RD certification, Micah on national championships, Gordon on survey results, Sunday will be open forum
??: IT update on online CR reports? No current link on their Mypage for how to do that.
Fred: Announcement today.
Gordon: Please add your CRs into your permits so they can use it now.
Fred: Who has a clinic/upgrade process in place? NY yes, MT in the past but not recently

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