Since the inception of the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA) in 1983, the organization has grown from a few rugged riders in search of the bumpiest and muddiest trails, to the national governing body for an Olympic sport. The growth is certainly reflected in NORBA’s membership, which has exploded from 112 riders in its first year to nearly 11,500 in 2004.

As a member association of USA Cycling, NORBA sanctions more than 1,000 mountain bike races around the country, providing competitive opportunity within everyone’s reach. In order to meet the membership needs of members and attract more adults and kids to the sport, NORBA also created and supports two junior racing series rider development camps, coaches and mechanics clinics, and several other programs.

NORBA supports riders and fosters athlete development through the American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) and the Alison Dunlap Junior Olympic Mountain Bike Series

NORBA also hosts rider development camps and the NORBA National Mountain Bike Series, which is the highlight of the competition department.

NORBA's latest development initiative is the U23 National Mountain Bike Team, a group of four talented riders who are competing together as a team for the first time in 2004.

Because NORBA respects the trails and parks it uses for events and programs, the organization has a strong relationship with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). IMBA’s efforts with the land-access field have been instrumental in maintaining access to our public’s open spaces, ensuring trails will be available for future riders. In 1998, NORBA and IMBA created the Trail Tune-Up Program, which provides grants to groups seeking to expand trail improvement projects.

Since 1983, NORBA’s commitment to mountain biking has remained solid. Through it’s involvement with riders, promoters, sponsors, and the media, NORBA continues to bring mountain biking to new levels by strengthening the off-road community.

NORBA is governed by a board of trustees composed of members of its constituency, including athletes, race organizers, industry representatives, land access representatives, sponsors, and officials.

NORBA Board of Trustees
Teresa Eggertsen
Gary Fisher
Jerry Foss
Jay Franklin
Lisa Nye
Tom Spiegel
Mike King
Ann Trombley

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