Nineteen national champions crowned as Masters Track Nationals continue in Redmond


Patricia Baker took the national title in the women's 75-79 sprint.
Patricia Baker took the national title in the women's 75-79 sprint. Photo by Tim Chandonnet
Redmond, Wash. (August 21, 2014) – Day three of the 2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships resulted in 19 Stars-and-Stripes jerseys being awarded to the fastest amateur cyclists in the nation. Action included individual pursuits, time trials, scratch races, points races, and sprints.
Individual Pursuits
James Host (Plainfield, Ill./Pact-Dish Network Cycling) won the men's 55-59 individual pursuit when he outrode silver medalist Stanley Terusaki (Livermore, Calif./Morgan Stanley Cycling Team) and took the top step of the podium by five seconds. In the men's 60-64 event, it was Steven Worley (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) to take the gold when he posted a time of 2:35.852 to best second place finisher Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.). Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash./Kenmore Velo) added another gold medal to her hardware collection when she took the win in the women's 50-54 individual pursuit ahead of Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif./San Jose Bicycle Club).
Time Trials
Alexandra McLaughery (Portland, Ore./Bike Central) time trialed her way into a Stars-and-Stripes jersey when she posted a time of 40.696 in the women's 35-39 500-meter event. She bested the 40.864 posted by silver medalist Alexandra McKay (Seattle, Wash./SCCA-Starbucks Cycling).  The mighty Quinn Hatfield (Los Angeles, Calif./Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic) was the fastest among men 40-44. He clocked a 1:09.614 over the kilometer to best the 1:10.729 posted by silver medalist Stephen McLaughery (Portland, Ore./Bike Central).
Scratch Races
The men's 60-64 individual pursuit podium
The men's 60-64 individual pursuit podium. Photo by Tim Chandonnet

Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, Ga./Garneau Factory Team) won her third national title in as many days when she dominated the women's 40-44 scratch race for the gold ahead of Andrea Brennan (Manasquan, NJ/Riptide Cycling). In the men's 65-69 scratch race, Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching) rode his way to the top step of the podium ahead of Richard Lilleberg (Seattle, Wash./South Bay Wheelmen).  Ian Mensher (Seattle, Wash./Keller Rohrback Cycling) topped the podium for men 35-39 when he beat out silver medalist Kevin Schiller (San Diego, Calif.).
Points Races
With 18 points, Michael Williams (Metairie, La.) collected a gold medal in the men's 70-74 points race ahead of second-place finisher Dale Harless (Bellevue, Wash./Cycle U-Apex Racing) who earned 11 points. Among men 75-79, James Kloss (Huntington Beach, Calif.) earned another national title with 11 points compared to the six picked up by runner up J. Robert Beck (Hanover Park, Ill./Midwest Masters Cycling Team). David Ellefson (Banner Elk, NC/360 Racing) stood atop the podium for men 80-84. Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash./Kenmore Velo) added another gold medal to the one she won in the individual pursuit on Tuesday when she earned the most points in the women's 45-49 points race on Thursday night. With 16 points, Evely took the top step of the podium ahead of runner up Kelly Grant (Houston, Texas/Northwest Cycling Club) who earned 12. In the final points race of the night, Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill./Pact-DISH Network cycling) dominated the men's 45-49 field by earning 38 points and taking the win over James Flynn (Port Orchard, Wash./Keller Rohrback Cycling) who accumulated 26 points.
Three age groups claimed sprint national titles based on their 200-meter qualifying times. Lynn Rivier (Highland Park, Ill./Pact-DISH Network Cycling) got the Stars-and-Stripes jersey for women 60-64, while Bonnie Woodbury (Escondido, Calif./Eddie B Cycling) took the title for women 70-74 and Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif./San Diego Cyclo Vets) took the podium for women 75-79.
Three age groups went from the qualifying rounds to the head-to-head competition on Thursday. In the men's 50-54 event, Thomas Donohue (Seattle, Wash./Seattle Super Squadra) outsprinted Tim Gaidis (St. Louis, Mo./Velo Force) in the final rounds to take the top step of the podium. In the women's 65-69 event, Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif./Eddie B Cycling) took the win ahead of Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del./Team EPS-CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell). In the women's 55-59 race, it was Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo./Quantum Mesa Cycles) who outsprinted runner up Carol Johnson (Seattle, Wash./Gregg's Trek Racing Team).

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Action resumes at the Marymoor Velodrome on Friday with more individual pursuit, time trial, scratch race, points race, and sprint competition.  Click here for a complete schedule with start lists.  Stay tuned to for a wrap-up of each day.
2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships
Marymoor Velodrome – Redmond, Wash.
August 19-24, 2014

Men 55-59 Individual Pursuit

1.  James Host (Plainfield, Ill.)   Pact- DISH Network Cycling   2:30.327 
2.  Stanley Terusaki (Livermore, Calif.)   Morgan Stanley Cycling Team   2:35.343 
3.  Scott Torkelson (Olympia, Wash.)   Jet City Velo   2:35.396 
4.  George Luft (Parkland, Fla.)      2:38.171 
5.  Steve Maynard (Redmond, Wash.)      2:44.770 

Men 60-64 Individual Pursuit

1.  Steven Worley (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   2:35.852 
2.  Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.)      2:38.045 
3.  Shannon Fox (Englewood, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   2:40.746 
4.  Michael Birditt (Escondido, Calif.)   Swami's Cycling Club   2:41.788 
5.  Gary Ziegler (Tulsa, Okla.)   Oklahoma City Velo Club   2:41.856 

Women 50-54 Individual Pursuit

1.  Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.)   Kenmore Velo   2:47.281 
2.  Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif.)   San Jose Bicycle Club   2:51.894 
3.  Gwenn Afton (Reston, Va.)   Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster   2:56.608 
4.  Adrienne Murphy (Saint Louis, Mo.)   Quantum Mesa Cycles   2:59.095 
5.  Angela Liewen (Ramona, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling   3:03.691 

Men 40-44 Kilometer Time Trial

1.  Quinn Hatfield (Los Angeles, Calif.)   Momentum Coaching Group p/b Atomic   1:09.614 
2.  Stephen Mclaughry (Portland, Ore.)   Bike Central   1:10.729 
3.  Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill.)   George Garner Cyclery Track Team   1:11.390 
4.  Mark Andersen (San Francisco, Calif.)   SquadraSF   1:11.703 
5.  Jamie Mikami (Portland, Ore.)      1:11.739 

Women 35-39 500-Meter Time Trial

1.  Alexandra Mclaughry (Portland, Ore.)   Bike Central   40.696 
2.  Alexandra Mckay (Seattle, Wash.)   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling   40.864 
3.  Jennifer Kalich (AROMAS)   Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club   42.332 
4.  Sarah Munoz (Redondo Beach, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen   42.385

Women 40-44 Scratch Race

1.  Cheryl Fuller-muller (Cumming, Ga.)   Garneau Factory Team    
2.  Andrea Brennan (Manasquan, N.J.)   Riptide Cycling    
3.  Bre Rue (PORTLAND)   Fred Meyer Cycling Team    
4.  Lana Atchley (HUNTINGTON BEACH)   Fred Meyer Cycling Team    
5.  Maryjane Stricker (Katy, Texas)   Southwest Cycling Club Racing    

Men 65-69 Scratch Race

1.  Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif.)   Performance Cycle Coaching    
2.  Richard Lilleberg (SEATTLE)   South Bay Wheelmen    
3.  Stanley Gregg (Kirkland, Wash.)   Gregg's Trek Racing Team    
4.  Patrick Whelan (Minneapolis, Minn.)   PJW Racing    
5.  John Petrakis (Sonoma, Calif.)   Alto Velo Racing Club    

Men 35-39 Scratch Race

1.  Ian Mensher (Seattle, Wash.)   Keller Rohrback Cycling    
2.  Kevin Schiller (San Diego, Calif.)       
3.  Eduardo Nieuwenhuyzen (Saint Louis, Mo.)   Penrose Park Velo Team    
4.  Jonathan Davy (Torrance, Calif.)   SPY GIANT RIDE p/b MRI    
5.  Rad Cunningham (Olympia, Wash.)   Stranamanti Cycling    

Women 70-74 Sprint

1.  Bonnie Woodbury (Escondido, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling    

Women 75-79 Sprint

1.  Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif.)   San Diego Cyclo Vets    

Women 60-64 Sprint

1.  Lynn Rivier (Highland Park, Ill.)   Pact- DISH Network Cycling    

Men 50-54 Sprint

1.  Thomas Donohue (Seattle, Wash.)   Seattle Super Squadra    
2.  Tim Gaidis (St Louis, Mo.)   Velo Force    
3.  Alphonso Whaley (Houston, Texas)   Southern Elite    
4.  Joe Baratto (Seattle, Wash.)   Union Bay Cycling/    
5.  Robert Isner (Issaquah, Wash.)   Jet City Velo    

Women 65-69 Sprint

1.  Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling    
2.  Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del.)   Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell    
3.  Ruth Gustafson (EDMONDS WA)   Team Group Health    

Women 55-59 Sprint

1.  Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo.)   Quantum Mesa Cycles    
2.  Carol Johnson (Seattle, Wash.)   Gregg's Trek Racing Team    
3.  Valerie Tiemann (Spring, Texas)   Northwest Cycling Club    

Men 70-74 Points Race

1.  Michael Williams (Metairie, La.)      18 
2.  Dale Harless (Bellevue, Wash.)   Cycle U / Apex Racing   11 
3.  Edward Burns (Vestal, N.Y.)   Crosshairs Cycling   4 
4.  Jerry Powell (Portland, Ore.)   Multnomah Athletic Club   0 
5.  John Mikkonen (Etowah, N.C.)      -20 

Men 75-79 Points Race

1.  James Kloss (Huntington Beach, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen   11 
2.  J Robert Beck (Hanover Park, Ill.)   Midwest Masters Cycling Team   6 
3.  Jim Turner (Menlo Park, Calif.)   LuxVue-SunPower Racing   3 
4.  Peter Neuer (Huntersville, N.C.)      -20 
5.  A Karakas (Port Orchard, Wash.)      -20 

Men 80-84 Points Race

1.  David Ellefson (Banner Elk, N.C.)   360 Racing   0 

Women 45-49 Points Race

1.  Jane Evely (Carnation, Wash.)   Kenmore Velo   16 
2.  Kelly Grant (HOUSTON)   Northwest Cycling Club   12 
3.  Andi Smith (Menlo Park, Calif.)   B4T9 Women's CyclingTeam   9 
4.  Cynthia Maree (Seattle, Wash.)   SCCA/Starbucks Cycling   6 
5.  Michelle Mercer (INDIANAPOLIS)      5 

Men 45-49 Points Race

1.  Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill.)   Pact- DISH Network Cycling   38 
2.  James Flynn (Port Orchard, Wash.)   Keller Rohrback Cycling   26 
3.  David Klipper (Portland, Ore.)   Guinness Cycling Team   23 
4.  Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn.)   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six   13 
5.  Aaron Levin (Mercer Island, Wash.)   Rocket 7 Custom Cycling Shoes   9 

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