Weekly Collegiate Racing Wrap - April 23, 2013


ECCC: Rhode Island Race Weekend – by Dominic Caiazzo

Three leaders in the men's A race enter the first dirt section of the Rhode Race. Photo courtesy Jan Valerie Polk
Three leaders in the men's A race enter the first dirt section of the Rhode Race. Photo courtesy Jan Valerie Polk
This past weekend the Eastern Conference raced in Rhode Island, for a new race on the calendar put on by RISD and Brown University.  The event contained a team time trial and a “Rhode Race” in North Scituate on Saturday, and a fast criterium right in downtown Providence on Sunday.  The team time trial took place in the cold rain, on a short 4 mile course with a slight rise that MIT would unsurprisingly dominate in both the women’s and men’s fields.

The weather began to clear up for an exciting road race, complete with a covered bridge, three sections of dirt roads and a few climbs along the 23 mile loop.  A breakaway of three riders who attacked right from the gun stayed away for all 71 miles of the men’s race.  It took some time for a chase group to solidify and escape the main field, but by then it was too late.  Spencer Gilbert (Yale) took the win out of the break, with Tom Barnett (Providence College) and Wyatt Stoup (Penn State) finishing second and third.   In the women’s race, two riders made their way out of the lead group of 19.  Conference leader Hayley Wickstrom (University of Pittsburgh) took the win over MIT’s Shaena Berlin, leaving Rose Long (Icahn School of Med. at Mount Sinai) to take the field sprint for 3rd about two minutes later.

Sunday’s criterium was a short, fast and technical course.  Located right in downtown Providence on RISD’s campus, the later races brought plenty of spectators to line the finishing stretch.  With strong winds and a fast chicane on the backside, many racers would get dropped off the back early in all the day’s races.  A late breakaway of two MIT riders held a slim gap at the end of the women’s race, staying away by about 40 seconds over the peloton.  Laura Ralston took the win, Shaena Berlin finished second, and Rose Long (Icahn School of Med. at Mount Sinai) again took the field sprint for third. No early attacks were destined to stick during the men’s crit, though there were many of them.  The juniors from Killington Mountain School did an impressive job controlling the race, and an even more impressive job in the finish.  They would scoop up 3 of the top 4 spots in the field sprint. Ansel Dickey took the win following a leadout by teammate Brendan Rhim, who hung on for second place.  Dylan Lowe (Columbia) took the third spot on the day’s podium.

Jeremy Shirock (Penn State) and Hayley Wickstrom (U. of Pittsburgh) currently hold the leader’s jerseys, and MIT sits atop the team omnium as the conference heads to Penn State next weekend for the Eastern Conference championships.

RMCCC: Conference Championships at the CMU – by Garrett Brown

The women's A leaders, including Abby Mickey in her JAKROO leader's jersey, on the climb at CMU.
The women's A leaders, including Abby Mickey in her JAKROO leader's jersey, on the climb at CMU.
The RMCCC finished its season at the Maverick Classic in Grand Junction where a full race weekend provided a dynamic setting for conference championships.

Racing began Saturday morning with a TTT in the rolling hills west of town where looming weather failed to put a damper on the race. In the men’s race, the home team showed their prowess as CMU edged CU for the win with DU in third. The women’s race saw a continuation of CU’s dominance in TTTs when CSU failed to outpace the Buffs for the third consecutive week.

After an uncommonly long break, teams moved their basecamps for the popular CMU night crit staged on a flat 6 turn course in the spectator laden center of town. The competitive atmosphere of conference championships led to extremely fast racing and the men’s A field was one of the few where large gaps failed to open. Despite many attacks, the field stayed together until the final laps when Patric Rostel (CMU) and Brett Peters (CU) got away. Ultimately it was reigning national crit champion Rostel who ousted Peters on the final lap to claim another win for the home team. The women’s race was lent an uncommon dynamic because the collegiate A and women’s open fields were combined and it was that dynamic which ultimately decided the race. With plenty of racing left, Christa Ghent (CU) escaped with a pro and the two gained ground for the remainder of the race. Ghent won the collegiate category with Nicky Bruderer (CU) and Nathalie Krantz (FLC) rounding out the podium.

Sunday’s road race acted as an important exclamation point at the end of a hard fought season. With nearly 5000 vertical feet of elevation gain per lap, the deceptively difficult circuit which included an 8 percent average grade hill helped decide the conference. The men’s A field raced four laps of the 21 mile course and the difficulty ultimately allowed a strong break largely controlled by CU. Capitalizing on their positioning, CU riders swept the podium with Camilo Zombrano on the top step. Like the previous evening’s crit, the women’s race was mixed with the open field and the pace reflected the combination. With the help of several strong open riders, Ghent, Abby Mickey (CU), and Kate Wold (CSU) escaped the group and stayed away to the finish where Mickey won and Ghent took second.

Based on a strong final weekend, Bill Golembieski (CU) reclaimed the JAKROO RMCCC leader’s jersey from Dean Haas (FLC) and was crowned conference omnium champion while Mickey held onto her season-long lead to claim the women’s title. After starting the weekend third in the team standings, CU’s slew of victories catapulted them over both CSU and FLC to a second straight Division I team omnium championship. CMU maintained their lead and claimed the Division II title.

NCCCC: Horseshoe Hootenanny at University of Iowa - by Eric Lemke

The NCCCC traveled to the University of Iowa in Iowa City this past weekend to compete in the Horseshoe Hootenanny. Saturday’s road race started out chilly and breezy. The men’s A field took the first few laps easy until William Rekemeyer (Iowa State) attacked off the front. Tony Olson, (Minn. State Mankato), Aaron Shaw (U of Minn.) and Kyle Olson (U of Minn.) followed. The next few laps saw Shaw, K. Olson, and T. Olson exchange attacks back and forth. In the final 2 kilometers, Kyle Olson attacked off the front and wasn’t immediately followed giving him a five second gap across the finish line on Tim Savre (Univ. of St. Thomas). Tony Olson filled out the podium for a third place finish.

Judah Sencenbaugh (Univ. of Iowa) captured the win for the women on Saturday after a hard fought battle with MaryKay Marino  (Univ. of Minn.) who took second and Karin Friberg (Univ. of Minn.) taking third.

Sunday’s criterium was held in a residential neighborhood that offered plenty of tight corners, a fast descent and a punchy climb right before the finish line. The women’s field fought hard again with MaryKay Marino attacking on the first lap and Judah Sencenbaugh (Univ. of Iowa) chasing her down. Meg Browning (Univ. of Minn.) attacked on the third lap with Sencenbaugh chasing again and Marino and Anna Luckow (St. Olaf) chasing her down. Sencenbaugh beat out Marino in the final sprint with Luckow rounding out third place.

The wen’s field again saw Tony Olson, Aaron Shaw, and Kyle Olson battling for the podium. After an almost immediate break, the three jumped out front of the pack and after a short while had lapped the field. Tony Olson jumped out front again and proceeded to lap the field a second time. Tony Olson, Aaron Shaw and Kyle Olson rounded out the podium taking first, second, and third respectively with Tim Savre (Univ. of St. Thomas) taking the field sprint for fourth place.  

Anna Luckow (St. Olaf) moved into the woman’s JAKROO leader’s jersey and Tim Savre (St. Thomas) held onto his leader’s jersey going into conference championships in Minnesota this weekend.   

ACCC: Conference Championships at Duke – by Will Massey

Photo courtesy Gregory Georges
Photo courtesy Gregory Georges
As the ACCC headed into the final weekend for the 2013 season points were closer than ever.  With Duke, Navy, and VT all nearly tied in points the racing was expected to be tough. Three events over the weekend featuring a rolling RR loop with a final 500 meter hill for the finish and a fast and fun downtown crit Sunday would make the ultimate decisions for team overall but with large fields the conclusion was far from predictable.

The women's A RR took off on the 12 mile loop with the men's B as the temperatures rose and Caroline Moakley (NCSU) started off strong with Nina Laughlin (ASU) and Adelaide Tillinghast (AU) close on her heels.  With 2 laps to go Laughlin went down hard after a touch of wheels but jumped up quickly and started chasing almost immediately.  Unfortunately, with Moakley, Tillinghast and Perkins still in the group, Nina wouldn't catch on and as the riders turned onto the final hill it would be a strong woman’s finish as Caroline Moakley (NCSU) edged out Adelaide (AU)and Kelly Perkins (ASU) for 1,2,3 respectively.

The men's A field would have a slight change of pace from its typical racing this season.  After the first couple of laps passed by the field realized that nothing was getting away and teams started sending riders to the front to set the pace as the final lap approached.  At the base of the climb the riders fanned out and after some heavy fireworks and close calls Navy would prove to be the strongest of the day, taking 1st with Nick Hutchison leading Kevin Gottlieb (UVA) and Philip Short (UNC-G) across the line.  

Not much time went by before teams organized once again for the TTT.  Duke would go out strong for the day taking wins in both the men's A and women's A grabbing up valuable points with NCSU taking 2nd in men's A followed by Navy, and Navy grabbing 2nd in women's A followed by VT.

As the second annual 9th Street Derby commenced, the women's A took off with a blistering pace quickly separating the field and at the end of the day Caroline Moakley would finish off a winning weekend with 1st in the criterium.  Adelaide TIllinghast (AU) would also prove some new found strength as she fought hard with Moakley on the final lap for second place with Nina Laughlin snagging third despite some bad road rash from the previous day.  Nina would remain the overall champion for the season, however, and even though it was tattered and torn was able to keep her Cutaway leader’s jersey for the 2013 season.

The men's A saw the exact reversal in style of racing from the previous day and when the hour of pain was over what the spectators would witness was one of the most entertaining and high paced crits of the year.  Duke launched attack after attack attempting to get away but App and NCSU never let it get away without one of their riders represented.  Not once did the pace slow down and as the board showed 3 to go and teams started upping the pace for the sprint Zeb King of App laid a bold move down on the line.  Getting a small gap, Matt Howe of Duke jumped across but King put his head down and after pulling for the last two laps turned himself inside out in the sprint to take the win.  Howe would take a well deserved second with Michael Mulvihill winning the field sprint to keep his new Cutaway leader’s jerseys for the ACCC.

Expect some big things from the ACCC this year at nationals and remember those names as they will be some big hitters to watch in Ogden.

WCCC: Conference Championships at UC Davis - by Michael Nystrom

Photo by Vicky Sama
Photo by Vicky Sama
The 2013 WCCC road season came to a close this weekend at conference championships hosted by UC Davis.  Schools from across California and Nevada gathered at the TTT and road race course Saturday morning for a last chance double-point effort before the end of the season.  Riders battled extreme conditions as they completed lap after lap through the rolling farmlands of Yolo County.  The thermometer topped out at a scorching 89 degrees and there was a consistent wind speed of 21 mph with gusts up to 28 mph throughout the day.   

Saturday morning began with a TTT following the 6.2-mile road course.  Accounting for the wind direction, headwinds and tailwinds influenced overall speed as teams rounded each of the four right-handed turns.  Stanford finished the three laps fastest in the men’s A field, followed by UC Davis.  The places were reversed in the woman’s A field—the UC Davis team beat out the Stanford team by about a minute and a half for first place.  

Starting at the peak of the heat wave in the middle of the day, the men’s A racers completed 11 laps of the circuit and the women’s A racers completed eight.  Due to a combination of heat and technical issues, half of the men’s A field gradually dropped out.  Individual points leader John Tomlinson of USC finished first and was followed by Charles Hutcheson of Sac State.  Joanna Dahl of UC Berkeley beat out Kristen Fauria of UC Davis and crossed the finish line first in the woman’s A field.

Sunday’s 0.5-mile Mondavi criterium took place on UC Davis’ campus and featured smooth, flat roads and narrow, technical right-handed turns.  Crashes plagued many of the races, but luckily no serious injuries occurred.  Colin Don of USC finished significantly ahead of Edwin Clement of UCSD for first place in the men’s A race.  Eileen Mazzochette finished first in the woman’s A race, followed by Katharine Hall of UC Berkeley.  

After racing wrapped up on Sunday, teams gathered in the shade under the trees for a championship medal ceremony.  UC Davis took first in the Division 1 Team Omnium and Humboldt State clenched first in Division 2.  Men’s A rider John Tomlinson from USC won the individual omnium by a landslide, and Danielle Haulman from UC Davis won the women’s individual omnium, both taking home the JAKROO leaders’ jerseys as reward for their efforts.

NWCCC: Conference Championships at WSU/UI – by Colin Ross

The NWCCC conference championship race weekend acted as a coronation of champions, with no major surprises or upsets in the closing moments of the season. Rolling hills, picturesque Palouse Washington, and gale force winds provided the backdrop for Saturday’s road race hosted by Washington State University. The men’s A race was decided when JAKROO leader’s jersey holder Austin Arguello (University of Oregon) bridged up to an early break consisting of Peter Buco (Portland State University) and Dillon Caldwell (University of Oregon).  The threesome stayed away, all but ensuring a win for the University of Oregon. Arguello sealed his hold on the top spot in the conference by outsprinting the chasing Buco and Caldwell to take the victory. In the Women’s race rising star McKinzie Stanley (Whitman College) was unable to match the final kick of Shelley Dunlop (Portland State University) completing the sweep of Saturday’s top spots by the conference leaders.

The afternoon team time trial hosted by the University of Idaho featured strong performances by Washington State and Western Washington University who managed to take all but one of the top spots, winning the women’s C, men’s C and men’s D, and men’s A and men’s B races respectively. With a newly upgraded squad of four women’s A racers Whitman College won their second consecutive TTT.

Sunday’s crit set the stage for a final showdown on the windy University of Idaho campus. The short hill leading into the finish allowed fields to break up all day, and the Men’s A race was no exception.  A seven-man break built a sizeable gap on the remaining field, and Michael Simecek (Western Washington University) outsprinted Nick Maslan (Oregon State University) and Will Niemann-Ross (University of Washington) for the win. In the women’s race the field largely stayed intact. In a display of raw power, Shelley Dunlop took the win and all the primes to complete her sweep of the weekend’s individual races, and cementing her hold on the JAKROO leader’s jersey.

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