Congratulations to our 2012 Officials of the Year


Colorado Springs, Colo. (February 14, 2013) – USA Cycling is pleased to announce its 2012 Officials of the Year. The national governing body named one overall “National Official of the Year,” one “National Motoref of the Year,” five “Regional Officials of the Year,” and 34 “Local Officials of the Year.”
The honored officials were chosen by the USA Cycling Technical Commission based on their demonstrated excellence in technical skills, management and teamwork, and service to their respective local associations and promoters. 
Taking the top honor as “National Official of the Year” was Diane Fortini (Hanson, Mass.).

The year 2012 saw Fortini receive excellent reviews as chief referee at high-level events like the Wilmington GP, Tour of Elk Grove, Chris Thater, and TD Bank Mayor’s Cup.
Grabbing the “Motoref of the Year” award was James Abbott (Skykomish, Wash.), after working races such as the USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships, Exergy Tour, Cascade Classic, Tour of Utah, and the USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships in 2012.
“Diane is one of the most consistently requested Chief Referees by the Race Directors of our highest level races. Her excellent attitude, people skills, experience, and attention to detail make her one of the best chiefs we have,” explained USA Cycling’s Technical Director, Shawn Farrell. “James worked a large number of high level races, both international and national championships. While the competition was fierce this year for motoref of the year, James was chosen for the combination of his number of top events, as well as his excellent evaluations. “
Additionally, USA Cycling honored officials in each of its five regions who worked locally, regionally, and nationally to demonstrate excellence in their fields. Congratulations to the following “Regional Officials of the Year.”
Mimi Newcasle (Ft. Washington, Md.) — Northeast Region
Holly Blanco (American Fork, Utah) — Mountain Region
Bill Samford (Grayson, Ga.) — Southeast Region
John Allen (Longbeach, Calif.) — Western Region
Loch Miwa (Crestwood, Ill.) — Midwest Region

In addition to the recognition bestowed by USA Cycling, the Local Associations have also named Local “Officials of the Year.” Congratulations to the following Local Officials of the Year:
Mike Conlan (Ridgefield, Conn.) — New England Bicycle Racing Association
Alex Meyer (Montclair, N.J.) — New Jersey Bicycling Association
Jeff Poulin (Endicott, N.Y.) — New York State Bicycle Racing Association
Steve Tondora (Johnstown, Pa.) — Pennsylvania Cycling Association
Wayne Lerch (Washington, D.C.) — Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association
Brian Adamchuck (Virginia Beach, Va.) — Virginia Cycling Association                         
David Wykoff (Espanola, N.M.) — New Mexico Bike Racing Association
Bob Maddocks (Colorado Springs, Colo.) — Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado
Joe Morgan (Frisco, Texas) — Texas Bicycle Racing Association
D'Andrea Worrall (Midway, Utah) — Utah Cycling Association
Jay Schreiber (Tucson, Ariz.) — Arizona Bicycle Racing Association
Amy Whittaker (Lawrence, Kan.) — Kansas Cycling Association
Roger Cravey (Fort Smith, Ark.) — Arkansas Bicycle Coalition
Stephen Slawson (Noble, Okla.) — Bicycle Racing Association of Oklahoma
Judy Rhyne (Southern Pines, N.C.) — Carolinas Cycling Association
Bill Samford (Grayson, Ga.) — Georgia Bicycle Racing Association
David Marshall (Hendersonville, Tenn.) — Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association
Jeffrey Haines (Birmingham, Ala.) — Alabama Cycling Association
Randy Legeai (New Orleans, La.) — Louisiana Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association
Jim Hubbard (Palm Coast, Fla.) — Florida Bicycle Racing Association              
Tim Burgess (Castro Valley, Calif.) — Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Tom Gentry (Seattle, Wash.) — Washington State Bicycle Association
Cahill Jones (Boise, Idaho) — Southwest Idaho Cycling Association
John Coulthard (Butte, Mont.) — Montana Bicycle Racing Association
Trish Black (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) — Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Brett Griggs (Iowa City, Iowa) — Iowa Bicycle Racing Association
Brenda Feehery (Homewood, Ill.) — Illinois Cycling Association
Matt Jones (Indianapolis, Ind.) — Indiana Kentucky Cycling Association
David Riemenschneider (Fairfield, Ohio) — Ohio Cycling Association
Adrian Fear (Milford, Mich.) — Michigan Bicycle Racing Association
Melaney Simar (St. Paul, Minn.) — Minnesota Cycling Federation
Mark Ewers (Wildwood, Mo.) — Missouri Bicycle Racing Association
Christine Zorad (Omaha, Neb.) — Nebraska Cycling Association
Emma Weiss (Milwaukee, Wis.) — Wisconsin Cycling Association

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