Weekly Collegiate Racing Wrap - September 26, 2012


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ECCC: RIT Race Weekend – by Joe Kopena

"We love gravity so much, that's what even our STXC looks like." - Joe Kopena
"We love gravity so much, that's what even our STXC looks like." - Joe Kopena
This weekend the ECCC explored the roots of mountain bike racing, returning after some years to Plattekill Mountain in New York.  The XC event featured old-school ski resort MTB racing, with riders challenged to 1100 vertical feet of climbing each lap, from the lodge to the top of the mountain, and a long descent down Plattekill's highly technical trail system.  Downhillers were greeted with Plattekill's widely known and well regarded big-hit racing, with both of the weekend's DH courses featuring substantial drops on the main lines.  Short track featured extremely tight pack racing in all categories, with a newer style ECCC STXC course of wide open climbs, singletrack descents, and a handful of bike park features, all looping around the lodge and main lift.

Greg DiSanto (UNH) continued his winning streak, picking up the XC victory despite having to repeatedly chase back into the lead after suffering no less than three flats, and keeping just enough energy to also take the high speed STXC on Sunday.  Adam Gagne (UMass) and Dan O'Connor (UConn) went 1 and 2 in downhill racing both Saturday and Sunday.  Elizabeth White (UVM) and Emily Paxson (UVM) continued their domination of the women's scene, trading victories between the endurance and gravity races.

Next weekend the ECCC heads to PennState and the Rothrock PA State Forest for the first time in several years, yet another return to an ECCC MTB keystone.

ACCC: VCU/W&M Race Weekend – by Sequoya Moore

This Saturday, the ACCC visited Richmond, VA for VCU’s Urban Camo which started with a 1.5 mile time trial along the north bank of the James River. The trail was smooth for the most part with some manageable rock gardens and switchbacks thrown in. After a scheduled break came the cross country race which featured a 3.3 mile loop on the Buttermilk and Forest Hill trail systems. Some memorable features of the trails include a 30 foot bridge with a 6 foot drop on both sides, a set of stairs, and a sneaky switch back on top of a retaining wall with an 8 foot drop waiting for you if you miss the turn. This is a great course for an urban setting.

Sunday took us a little further east to historic Williamsburg, VA and the Freedom Park trail system. The Williamsburg Dirt Fest, hosted by William and Mary, started off with a cross country race on a six mile loop of fast, twisty trails which were a blast to ride but gave hardtailers a backbreaking experience. After the XC came a short track featuring a pumptrack section perfect for heckling and a fast fire road which induced many pain faces. The full weekend of XC events began to show by the end of this race.

The weather this weekend was perfect for bike racing, the trails were fun, but the women went missing, again. Thank you to VCU and William and Mary for hosting a great weekend. See you all next week at VT!   

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