Voler Team Apparel 2012 State Championship Jersey Program


Voler has entered into agreement with USA Cycling to be the provider of State Championship clothing for all National LA groups. We have designed our program to not only be easy for each LA to use, but also to be very user friendly for each champion. In addition, the program is also a revenue generator for each LA, with a 5% royalty paid to each LA through USA Cycling.
Program Details
Voler will take your artwork and set them up to our patterns. Design assistance is also available. You will receive full proofs for your final approval before we start the program.
As part of our sponsorship, Voler will provide, 1 small, medium and large of men’s and women’s  jerseys to be used for podium photo shots and sizing for each champion. These jerseys are a generic version of the actual garment stating only State Champion without their discipline.
Actual official Champion jerseys will be created and made available for each discipline, such as TT, RR, Crit and Cross through the online store.
LA’s can order certificates for $33.00 each to be given to each champion which can then be distributed to each champion at the race. Certificates can be ordered through Voler and will be electronically sent to the LA. Payment will be due after the event, so the LA doesn’t have to pay for more Certificates than needed.
The champion will then log onto the Voler Store through a specific Champion section on the site and place an order for their free jersey and purchase additional jerseys at that time. When they check out, they will be prompted to enter their coupon code and will be refunded the cost of the one jersey.
After they have placed their order, it will go into a hold status and Voler will send a copy of the order to the LA for final verification. This is to make sure that the correct person is getting the jersey and that it is the correct category. Once approved, the order will be processed.
The jerseys will be created at the time the order is processed and will ship within 5 working days of approval.
All sales of jerseys including the $33 jerseys and the ones sold at retail $69.95 will generate a 5% royalty paid directly to USA Cycling and will be distributed by them to each LA quarterly.
Voler Contact Information
21 Saratoga Ave
Grover Beach, CA 93433
Attn: Ed Fonda

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