U.S. riders grab 34 medals at Masters Track Worlds last week


Dana Walton found herself on the top step of the podium five times last week.
Dana Walton found herself on the top step of the podium five times last week.
Manchester, Great Britain (October 19, 2011) --
Cyclists from around the world gathered at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, Great Britain, Oct. 9-15, for the UCI Masters Track World Championships.
By the time the event came to a close, the United States was second in the medal count.
Bested only by host country, Great Britain, the United States collected 34 medals over the nine days, including 13 world titles. (The British won the medal count with 54 medals.)
Dana Walton(E Norriton, Pa./Chester County Cycling Foundation) was a stand-out performer for the USA. The mother of three had been out of the race scene for twelve years until she got back on T-town’s track this summer. It didn’t take her long to pick up speed as she won all five world championship races she entered in Manchester.
Walton’s first gold medal came when she accumulated the most points in the women’s 35-44 points race by winning two of the four sprints. She added more gold hardware to her collection by clocking a time of 38.695 to win the women’s 40-44 500-meter time trial. She then rode her way into three more rainbow jerseys with victories in the women’s 35-44 scratch race, the women’s 40-44 sprint, and the women’s 40-44 individual pursuit.
In addition to Walton, eight other Americans claimed world titles in Manchester. Daniel Casper (Northfield, Minn./GrandStay Hotels) beat out Irishman Stephen McNalley in the gold medal final of the men’s 45-49 individual pursuit while Patrick Gellineau (Brooklyn, NY/Team Squiggle) won a sprint and lapped the field to score the most points in the men’s 60-64 points race.  Todd Hayes (Ann Arbor, Mich./Chester Country Cycling Foundation-Team Alliance) clocked a 51.016 to win gold in the men’s 45-49 750-meter time trial and Gill Hatton beat out the rest for the world title in the men’s 55-59 sprint. James Host (Plainfield, Ill./Pact-DISH Network Cycling) travelled at a speed of 50.042 kilometers per hour to best British rider Christopher Davis in the men’s 55-59 individual pursuit. Mindy Simmons (Portland, Ore./Guinness Cycling Team) beat Aussie Sandra Bletchly in the women’s 35-39 pursuit. Joseph Wentzell (Philadelphia, Pa./QCW Cycling-Breakawaybikes.com) and Michael Williams (Mettairie, La.) also won world titles in the men’s 40-44 scratch race and the men’s 65-69 individual pursuit.
Congratulations to all of the U.S. medalists from Masters Track Worlds!
Daniel Casper– GOLD, men’s 45-49 pursuit
Sky Cristopherson– SILVER, men’s 35-39 kilometer time trial; BRONZE, men’s team sprint
Kimberly Edwards- SILVER, women’s 40-44 500-meter time trial; SILVER, Women’s 40-44 Sprint; BRONZE, women’s 35-44 scratch race
Patrick Gellineau– GOLD, men’s 60-64 10-km points race; SILVER, Men’s 60-64 scratch race; BRONZE, men’s 60-64 2-kilometer pursuit.
Stan Gregg– SILVER, men’s 65-69 500-meter time trial
Todd Hayes– GOLD, men’s 45-49 750-meter time trial; BRONZE – men’s team sprint
Gill Hatton– GOLD, men’s 55-59 sprint
James Host– GOLD, Men’s 55-59 pursuit
Michael MacDonald– BRONZE, Men’s 70+ 10km points race
Thomas O’Rourke– GOLD, men’s 75+ 500-meter time trial; SILVER , men’s 75+ individual pursuit; BRONZE, men’s 70+ sprint
Christine Philips– SILVER, women’s 40-44 individual pursuit
Wesley Pierce– SILVER, men’s 35-39 sprint
Reid Schwartz– BRONZE, men’s 60-64 500-meter time trial
Mindy Simmons– GOLD, Women’s 35-39 pursuit
Richard Voss- BRONZE – men’s team sprint
Allen Vugrinicic- BRONZE, Men’s 40-44 750-meter time trial
Shaun Wallace– SILVER, men’s 50-54 points race
Dana Walton– GOLD, women’s 35-44 points race; GOLD, women’s 40-44 500-meter time trial;
GOLD, women’s 35-44 scratch race; GOLD, Women’s 40-44 Sprint; GOLD, Women’s 40-44 individual pursuit.
Andrew Weathers- SILVER, Men 40-44 750-meter time trial
Joseph Wentzell– GOLD, Men’s 40-44 scratch race
Michael Williams– GOLD, men’s 65-69 individual pursuit; BRONZE, men’s 65-69 scratch race
Wilhelmus Zegers– SILVER, men’s 45-49 750-meter time trial
For complete results from the event, please visit the official website here: http://www.cyclingmasters.com/

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