U.S. grabs 12 of the 35 world titles up for grabs at UWCT final


Americans won 12 of the 35 world titles up for grabs in Belgium. (Photo from UWCT)
Americans won 12 of the 35 world titles up for grabs in Belgium. (Photo from UWCT)
Americans really put their stamp on amateur bike racing last weekend with a whopping twelve world titles collected at the UCI World Cycling Tour (UWCT) final in Belgium.
Held in the picturesque town of Stavelot in the province of Liege, the UWCT final introduced riders to the brand new format used to name amateur world champions in road cycling. Participants had to qualify for the final through one of seven qualifying competitions on three different continents.
With qualifying rounds held this summer in New York City and Fort Collins, Colo. – there was certainly no shortage of Americans dreaming of rainbow jerseys on Stavelot’s start line.
“It was really wonderful to meet other athletes from all over the world and to race on incredibly challenging courses that tested all aspects of riding,” said Marti Shea, winner of both the time trial and road race in the women’s 45-49 age group.
In all, 29 countries sent riders to contest a 20-kilometer time trial on September 9 and a 107-kilometer road race on September 11.  Americans won a total of 25 medals, 12 of which were gold.
Congratulations to our American medalists!
Robert Anderson – GOLD, Men 55-59 Time Trial; BRONZE, Men 55-59 Road Race
Rebecca Balboni– SILVER, Women 30-34 Time Trial
Melinda Berge – GOLD, Women 65+Time Trial
Vanessa Cooney – BRONZE, Women 55-59 Road Race
Julie Emmerman – GOLD, Women 40-44 Time Trial
Richard Feldman – GOLD, Men 40-44 Time Trial
Kenny Fuller – BRONZE, Men 60-64 Time Trial
Martha Iverson – GOLD, Women 60-64 Time Trial; SILVER, Women 60-64 Road Race
Kathy Johnson – GOLD, Women 50-54 Time Trial
Chiyo Lombard – BRONZE, Women 35-39 Time Trial
James Mattis – GOLD, Men 35-39 Road Race; BRONZE, Men 35-39 Time Trial
Michael Olheiser– GOLD, Men 35-39 Time Trial; SILVER, Men 35-39 Road Race
Marti Shea – GOLD, Women 45-49 Time Trial; GOLD, Women 45-49 Road Race
Jennifer Slawta – SILVER, Women 45-49 Road Race
Brendan Sullivan – SILVER, Men 45-49 Time Trial
Brett Tack – SILVER, Men 16-29 Road Race
Molly Van Houweling – GOLD, Women 35-39 Time Trial; SILVER, Women 35-39 Road Race
Laura Wanker – SILVER, Women 50-54 Time Trial
David Zimbelman – GOLD, Men 55-59 Road Race
For more information on the UWCT final, as well as complete results, please visit the UWCT website.

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