UCI Mountain Bike Inscription period open now through July 20


The 2013 UCI Mountain Bike event inscription period is open. USA Cycling will be accepting UCI event inscription forms, date requests, and technical guidebooks until Friday, July 20, 2012 at 5 p.m. MDT.


Events wishing to be UCI-inscripted should avoid major mountain bike event date conflicts (i.e. World Cups, Championships, Olympic games)

New Events

New events must submit a technical guidebook with their event inscription form. Events are considered ‘new’ if they have not been inscripted with the UCI before (or if an event has been off the calendar for a year).

Existing Events – New Location

Existing events with any substantial changes (venue/location change), must submit a technical guidebook with their event inscription. The venue/location change may be considered a ‘new’ event, so please keep that in mind when the final approvals for category levels are received from the UCI.

UCI Financial Obligations

All events must have paid their 2012 UCI MTB event inscription fee to the UCI by Friday, July 27, 2012, in order to be considered for 2013 UCI MTB event inscription. If you have not received your event inscription invoice for 2012 or if it has not been paid, please pay the UCI directly or notify USA Cycling National Events Director Kelli Lusk if you have not received the invoice. Click here for a more detailed look at UCI financial obligations.

  • The 2013 UCI MTB calendar fees will remain the same as in 2012.
  • Fees are calculated:
    1. UCI MTB Calendar Fee per class of your event
    2. Extra days are an additional fee, but not twice the price of the calendar fee. UCI Marathon Series events are based on the Class 1 XCO event day fee. Marathon events wishing to be UCI-inscripted (but not a part of the UCI Marathon Series) are charged on the UCI Cycling for All inscription fee (250 Euro per day).
  • Modifications or cancellations to the event will be charged a fee by UCI
  • Prize Money will remain the same in 2013 as in 2012 (based on discipline and class of event)


A written authorization must be requested to the UCI for the organization of a 'Cup'/'Series' as per article 1.2.026 of the UCI Regulations. A MTB 'Cup'/'Series' recognized by UCI may only be comprised of no more than seven rounds.

Cross-country Eliminator (XCE)

An XCE event can only be registered when organizing a Cross-country Olympic (XCO) event on the 2013 UCI MTB calendar. The class of the event will be XCE. The fee for registering an XCE on the UCI MTB calendar will be the amount of an additional day as per the UCI Financial Obligations. Prize money is determined by the race organizer. UCI points awarded will be equal to that of a Class 1 XCO event for the U23 class.


Organizers wishing to offer a separate U23 class must run the class separately from the Elite/Pro race and offer the designated cash purse.

Cross-country Marathon (XCM)

Races may register via two options:

  • Either as a race being part of the UCI Marathon Series with a calendar fee of a Class 1 event;
  • Either on the UCI Cycling for All Calendar. The fee is 250 Euro.

UCI Elite MTB Teams

Race entry fees for events on the UCI international calendar are waived for any rider belonging to a UCI Elite MTB Team (article 4.1.011). This applies ONLY to the discipline in which the team has UCI Elite MTB Team status. It does not apply to stage races.

Useful Links for reference

If you have questions or would like further clarification on UCI MTB event inscription, please contact USA Cycling National Events Director Kelli Lusk at 719-434-4285.