How to Join USA Cycling

Online Membership System

  • Green Licenses.  Your Green License status will automatically be updated to reflect this preferred license delivery. Your license will not be mailed and you will be able to use your smartphone and the USA Cycling mobile app instead of relying on the printed version of your license. If you want a license to be mailed to you, be sure to update your status on the "order summary" page. All UCI/International licenses will be mailed to members regardless of their green license status.
  • The best method to ensure quick, accurate registration
  • Instantly print an authorization to ride — no waiting!*
  • Pay on the spot with your credit card
  • Eliminates the need to mail anything in — saves you money!*
  • Allows you to also request upgrades and make corrections
  • Access to discounts on our more than 25 Member Benefits Providers
  • Not to be used for UCI-registered professional trade team riders and support staff

How to buy:

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* Printable authorizations to ride are not available to juniors under age 18. Juniors riders must scan and email, fax, or mail in a license waiver with a wet signature of parental consent. Proof of citizenship requirements for International licenses (birth certificate, naturalization paperwork, etc.) must be scanned and emailed, faxed, or mailed in.

Where to send waivers and proof of citizenship:

  • Scan and email the documents to
  • Fax to the Membership Department at 719-434-4300
  • Mail to the address at the bottom of this page

Online membership FAQs

Unified Domestic License FAQs

Youth License Information

Mail-in Method

Send applications to:
      USA Cycling License Desk
      210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 100
      Colorado Springs, CO

One-Day Licenses

Competitors who do not have an annual license can purchase a one-day license when registering for their event. Such riders do not become members and may not enter championship events. Riders that purchase a one-day license are entitled to the USA Cycling accident medical coverage for the event day the license was purchased for and limited to only the cycling activity of the event. All medical coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy(ies).

One-day licenses can be purchased when signing up via USA Cycling's online registration system or on-site. Events that don't use the USA Cycling registration tool may require on-site payment of the one-day license fee.

For road, track and cyclo-cross events, riders may purchase a one-day racing license for $10 and be permitted to enter races open to men’s category 5 or women’s category 4.

For mountain bike events, riders may purchase a one-day racing license for $10 and be permitted to enter races open to category 2 or category 3 riders. Riders must hold an annual license to race as a category 1 or Pro racer.

One-day License Fee Rebate

One-day license fees from road, track, cyclo-cross and mountain bike events may be applied toward the purchase of an annual domestic racing license.

The cost of a one-day license cannot be applied to the purchase of the following licenses:

  • Collegiate annual license
  • Junior annual license
  • International licenses (including BMX)
  • Professional licenses
  • Mechanics license
  • Coaches license
  • Officials license
  • Race Director license

The one-day license must have been purchased within twelve months of the annual license purchase. For annual license applications that are mailed to us, the one-day license must be attached. Members can deduct the $15 for road one-day licenses, or $10 for mountain bike one-days from the $70 domestic racing license fee.

To receive the refund for an annual license purchased online, the one-day license application must be mailed to USA Cycling and a refund will be issued. Only one discount per adult annual license per year will be granted.

To update an annual license account with posted race results achieved with a one-day license, please contact our Membership Services department at or 719-434-4200.