BMX Worlds wrap up Sunday with six U.S. medals in Cruiser Class

Pietermartizburg, South Africa (Aug. 1, 2010) – The UCI BMX World Championships wrapped up on Sunday with the United States grabbing six more medals, this time in the Cruiser Classes. The six medals earned the Americans the victory in the Cruiser medal count ahead of Australia and the Netherlands.    
Eight-time world champ Eric Rupe (Woodland Hills, Calif./Mongoose) earned another world title for the U.S., just ahead of country man Donald Beals (Port Richey, Fla.) who snagged the silver in the 45 and over men’s cruiser class.  
Twelve-year-old Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.) added to the U.S. medal tally, capturing the silver in his cruiser class competition.
After winning her Challenge Class on Friday Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill.) did in fact complete the double in the 15-16 Cruiser class on Sunday. Untouchable throughout the contest Stancil was certainly one of the high-point for the Americans where the future looks bright for the ladies.
Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla./One Bicycles) sprinted to the bronze in the 15-16 men’s race and 18-year-old Devan Searle (Laguna Hills, Calif.) earned the silver in the 17-24 women’s division to round out the day’s American medals.
Sunday’s Cruiser Class races were contested on BMX bikes with slightly larger wheels than the traditional Cruiser and Championship sizes. Americans Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline Bicycles) and Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Clayborn-Monster Energy) provided the high point of the four-day competition for the U.S. team scoring medals in Saturday’s Championship Class competitions.
Photo caption: USA Cycling BMX Challenge Team Manager Brian Fell accepts the award for the U.S. team that took the nation team cruiser title.
Photo courtesy: Jerry Landrum/
Pietermartizburg, South Africa
July 29 – Aug. 1
Cruiser Class
1. USA
2. Australia
3. Netherlands
1. Renato Rezende BRA
2. Andres Jiminez Caicedo COL
3. Carlos Oquendo Zabala COL
1. Mariana Pajon COL
2. Romana Labounkova CZE
3. Vilma Rimsaite LTU
1. David Oquendo Zabala COL
2. Benjamin Clarke AUS
3. Daniel Franks NZL
1. Teagan O'Keefe RSA
2. Enora la Roux FRA
3. Bianca Quinalha BRA
12,13-14 GIRLS
1. Harriet Burbridge-Smith AUS
2. Hannah Sarten NZL
3. Abigail Fox NZL
1. Hernan Godoy Becerra CHI
2. Michael Gonzales (Watsonville, Calif.)
3. Paolo Cortez ECU
13,14 BOYS
1. Jordan Lecher AUS
2. Felippi Goncalves BRA
3. Bram va der Hudding NED
15,16 GIRLS
1. Felicia Stancil (Lake Villa, Ill.)
2. Chelsea King AUS
3. Nicole Wright NZL
15,16 BOYS
1. Amidou Mir FRA
2. Federico Emiliano Villegas ARG
3. Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral,Fla.)
17-24 WOMEN
1. Nicole Sarten NZL
2. Devan Searle (Laguna Hills, Calif.)
3. Catherine Soucaze FRA
17-24 MEN
1. David Mulot FRA
2. Oliver Begue FRA
3. Mickael Leleux FRA
25-29,30-34 WOMEN
1. Rian Goodman GBR
2. Mardi Katakasi AUS
3. Jane Ward AUS
25-29 MEN
1. Hus Aurelien FRA
2. Levi Collins AUS
3. Jonathan Chislett RSA
30-34 MEN
1. Dorus Brink NED
2. Daniel Roura ECU
3. Herve Krebs SUI
35-39 WOMEN
1. Kersten Fritscher GER
2. Maree McGarva NZL
3. Rika Olivier RSA
35-39 WOMEN
1.  Richard van Zomeren NED
2.  Eric Breuils SUI
3.  Jean Renault Ducos de Lahitte FRA
40-44 MEN
1. Domingos Lammoglia BRA
2. Tim Ward AUS
3. Gerben Dorland NED
1. Sharlene McGillvray RSA
2. Jennifer Strachan NZL
3. Liesbeth van der Jagt NED
1. Eric Rupe (Woodland Hills, Calif.)
2. Donald Beals (Port Richey, Fla.)
3. Billy Stupple GBR

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