Elite riders can request permanent numbers until Oct. 12, 2012


Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sept. 14, 2012) — Elite male and female BMX racers wishing to receive a permanent “career number” from the UCI can submit their requests to USA Cycling up until October 12.

The UCI introduced the permanent number system in 2006 as a way for elite riders to obtain exclusive rights to a career number for their entire elite career. The system allows riders to market themselves by giving media and spectators an easy way to identify them on the track.

Any elite rider born in or before 1994 with a USA Cycling license can request a permanent career number. Click here for a list of currently available permanent numbers. Any duplicate number requests from multiple riders will be awarded by the UCI based on results from the world championships then followed by the junior UCI world rankings.

To make a request, athletes should send an email to Mike King, USA Cycling’s Director of BMX Programs, at mking@usacycling.org by October 12, 2012, at 5 p.m. PT.

In the email, riders must indicate their top three available number choices. USA Cycling will submit the requests to the UCI, which will then award numbers based on its own criteria. If there are multiple requests for one number, the rider with the highest ranking will have the first right of choice (first elite, then junior), according to their UCI ranking of as of August 14, 2012.

For more information about the UCI permanent number system, see the UCI rule book, chapter 1, section 10.

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