Clarification of UCI bicycle regulation interpretations

After receiving input and questions from our members and from the cycling industry regarding changes to interpretations surrounding UCI bicycle regulations, USA Cycling wishes to clarify the bicycle rules that will be enforced in 2010.
Junior and Elite competition:
All UCI rules for bicycles will be in force for all UCI races, Elite and Junior 17-18 National Championships, National Racing Calendar events and any selection event for an elite or junior international competition.
Masters National Championships:
The same interpretations of the rules that were applied in 2009 will be applied for Masters National Championships in 2010, excluding the strict application of UCI rule 1.3.020 (8 cm height rule) and UCI rule 1.3.024 (3/1 aspect ratio). The recently publicized rule, commonly known as the eight cm height rule, which led to questions about the Specialized Transition and Specialized Shiv will not be enforced at the USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships in 2010. Also, the strict application of UCI rule 1.3.024 (3/1 aspect ratio) will not be applied to components at Masters Nationals in 2010. Therefore, for all USA Cycling Masters National Championships, a bicycle that was legal in 2009 is legal in 2010. All other UCI bicycle rules (weight, wheel type, rider position) will remain in effect as they were in 2009.
USA Cycling is monitoring the rule changes made at the international level and will continue to consider how these rule changes affect cyclists in the USA.
For questions regarding rules and regulations please visit the Rule Books and Manuals portion of the USA Cycling website or contact USA Cycling Technical Director Shawn Farrell at

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