Technical Director Update February 2010


Technical Director Update
February 9th, 2010

Happy New Season to everyone and best wishes for 2010. Much is going on already this season, so hang on for a great ride. This update will cover seven important topics.

Motoref Programs
We have made a few changes to the motoref program, including  a new level C course that we have already used twice, with several more already planned. We anticipate running many of them this season to handle the increased demand for certification clinics that is already upon us.

Each year, motorefs are now required to have an MVR (motor vehicle report) done before we license them. This is an online system and we just started in December. After working out a few kinks, it is working pretty well now. There were two big complaints from our motoref contingent – the need to give a SSN on the site we use and a few questions relating to criminal background checks. Because the site we use,, does criminal background checks as well as MVRs, their default page was the same for everyone. We heard you, and understood these complaints. I am happy to announce that after several rounds of talks, we have convinced them that our motorefs don’t need to answer the 5 criminal background questions and certainly don’t need to give a SSN. Therefore, sometime in the next month they will be redoing their opening page for our program to accommodate our wishes.

Level B Upgrades
Beginning in 2010, we will be changing the upgrade process for level B road. The current program requires attendance at a level B clinic and passing a rules-based test. The new program will be based upon experience and taking selected modules that we are writing right now. Once a new official has checked off all the modules and requirements, he or she will be upgraded to level B. For those of you that became C-level officials under the old system, there will be a phase out of the old system over the next 2 years, where you can choose how to upgrade. New officials will start with the new system in 2010. More info will follow once we have completed all of the modules, and we hope to launch this program at the end of February

Officials Assignments
The 2010 National Level Officials’ Assignments are done and everyone confirmed. There was a lot of shuffling this year, so we were a little slower to get the list out, but by the time you get this, they should be posted on our officials site, in case you are curious.

Pended License Renewals
As of yesterday, there were still about 150 of you with pended licenses. Please remember that you have to sign the waiver and send it back to us before your license becomes active, just like last year. So, if you have been wondering why your license has not arrived, that might be the reason.

The rulebooks went to the printer last week and should shortly be arriving in your mailboxes, assuming you were duly licensed (including waivers) by February 5th. Anyone renewing after that goes through a different route, but you will still get a book in the mail. If you don’t get a book within the next couple of weeks (if you renewed by the 5th) or within a couple of weeks of when you do renew and submit the waiver, then please contact me and I will send you one.

We have changed our helmet rules for 2010, consolidating a lot of old and outdated laboratory testing firms. As of this year, there are only three testing types that count:

  • US DOT – motorcycle helmets must be DOT certified
  • CPSC – All bicycling helmets used in domestic races (not UCI) must be CPSC approved and bear the sticker.
  • CE 1078 – European helmets with the CE sticker are only allowed in UCI races on our shores, not for domestic races

Most helmets today are CPSC. Most European helmets also have a variety that is CPSC approved. However, you might find someone wearing an old helmet that has one of the older stickers in it, like Snell, Z90, etc. Such a sticker is a good sign that the rider needs to buy a new helmet, as it means his helmet is ancient and probably not very safe anymore anyway.

There are also some euro helmets you might see that are not approved. A common one is a Spanish helmet called “Catlike”. I saw a few of those at Masters Track Nationals last year. There may be others too, so if in doubt, please check the sticker.

You have probably already heard the news, but just in case, radios are now banned for all domestic races and even most UCI races we have. That does make it easier to judge. You don’t have to worry about whether they are cat 1’s or masters or juniors anymore. No radios, period!! Using iPods and other audio playback devices was already outlawed, so now you should never see anyone with an earpiece unless it really is a hearing aid.

That is all for this edition. I should have another one out in a few weeks too, as we have a couple of new programs to announce.
Have a great season.

Shawn Farrell
Technical Director

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