2009 Junior, U23, and Elite Road National Champions

USA Cycling Junior, U23 and Elite Road National Championships

Bend, Ore. - July 28-Aug. 2

Men 10-12 Criterium: Ethan Reynolds
Men 13-14 Criterium: Jonathon Schilling
Men 15-16 Criterium: Cory Williams
Men 17-18 Criterium: Max Durtschi
Men U23 Criterium: Alex Howes
Men 10-12 Time Trial: Ian McShane
Men 13-14 Time Trial: Michael Dessau
Men 15-16 Time Trial: Yannick Eckmann
Men 17-18 Time Trial: Charlie Avis
Men U23 Time Trial: Peter Stetina
Men 10-12 Road Race: Gage Hecht
Men 13-14 Road Race: Michael Dessau
Men 15-16 Road Race: David Kessler
Men 17-18 Road Race: Max Durtschi
Men U23 Road Race: Alex Howes
Women 10-12 Criterium: Emma White
Women 13-14 Criterium: Sarah Huang
Women 15-16 Criterium: Grace Alexander
Women 17-18 Criterium: Jacqueline Kurth
Women U23 Criterium: Samantha Schneider
Women 10-12 Time Trial: Ciara Hopkins
Women 13-14 Time Trial: Sara Youmans
Women 15-16 Time Trial: Somersby Jenkins
Women 17-18 Time Trial: Jessica Prinner
Women U23 Time Trial: Jacquelyn Crowell
Women 10-12 Road Race: Ciara Hopkins
Women 13-14 Road Race: Zoe Frazier
Women 15-16 Road Race: Ruth Winder
Women 17-18 Road Race: Coryn Rivera
Women U23 Road Race: Amy Dombroski
Elite Men Time Trial: Michael Olheiser
Elite Men Road Race: Michael Olheiser
Elite Women Time Trial: Jessica Phillips
Elite Women Road Race: Meredith Miller

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