Newport Beach, California


May 19, 1959

“A few words to describe the feelings would be along the lines of empowerment, confidence, poise, teamwork, strength and most of all I feel younger today than I did ten years ago. I love riding my bike……whether it’s hard training, hard racing, easy spin days, long mileage days, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day I put my bike up in my garage with a sense of accomplishment that rivals raising four children.”

Why she rides:
Ruth got her start on a mountain bike, strictly for fun and to enjoy the outdoors. Bored with a career she considered unchallenging, Ruth love the challenge of climbing and it wasn’t long before she went in search of more opportunities, like the Snow Summit Mountain Bike Series.
Why she races:
Ruth and her husband decided to make do with one income so that she could stay home with their four children. That’s when she got serious about racing. Switching from fat tires to skinny ones, Ruth won the very first road race she entered – the Race to Sun on the island of Maui.

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