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USA Cycling Webinars - 2017

Webinars can play an integral part in a coach's education and provide valuable CEUs. USA Cycling is committed to consistently providing new and innovative educational opportunities for our coaches, therefore we will be providing live webinars 2-3 times per month.  A calendar of 2017 webinars can be found below. A list of recorded webinars can be found here

2017 USA Cycling Webinar Schedule (subject to change)

Date Time Presenter Title
26-Jan 4PM MST Will Kirousis Coach, Who are You?
16-Feb 4PM MST David Martin The Effects of Cardiovascular Training on the Body
9-Mar 4PM MST Dr. Sean Wilson, PhD Advances in Doping & the Role of the Coach
24-Mar 4PM MST Dr. Ileana Sisson, MS PhD The Winning Mind, Part II
13-Apr 4PM MST Menachem Brodie The Shoulder:Primer for Performance on the Bike
20-Apr 4PM MST Mitchell Sides, SBEd Base To Build
4-May 4PM MST Kurt Schaldenbrand Coaching a Collegiate Club Team: Patience is a Virtue
25-May 4PM MST Will Kirousis Cross Training to Build Your Foundation
1-Jun 4PM MST Adam Mills, MSEd  Racing and Training in the Heat
13-Jun 4PM MST Kyle Wolfe Providing Event-Specific Cycling Training & Coaching Using WKO4 Data Analysis
13-Jul 4PM MST Tim Cusick How to Individualize Intervals
27-Jul 4PM MST Lauren Evans Recovery In Cycling
17-Aug 4PM MST Adam Mills, MSEd/Matthew Hill Transitioniong from Summer to Cyclocross
14-Sep 4PM MST Menachem Brodie The Hip: Balancing Strength and Stability for on Bike Performance
28-Sep 4PM MST Mitchell Sides, SBEd Functional Threshold Power
19-Oct 4PM MST Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes Performance Assessment for Cyclists and Triathletes
16-Nov 4PM MST Doug Fairchild Explosive Strength Development
30-Nov 4PM MST Dr. Tyrone A. Holmes The Power of Videofor Your Business
14-Dec 4PM MST Will Kirousis Adaptable Periodization

Webinar Registration

Registration for all webinars can be processed through your USA Cycling account. Simply log in and click the "My Account" button in the upper right, then click on "account" (below the welcome header), then click on "View Available Clinics/Webinars", then select the webinar you wish to participate in. Most live webinars will take place at 4pm MTN time. Recorded webinars are available anytime for your convenience. 

Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation with an additional registration link. 

Registration and payment instructions are below the list of webinars in the WEBINAR FAQ section.

Please retain the follow-up email from each webinar for continuing education units for coaching certification. All participants will receive two (2) CEUs per USA Cycling Coaching Education webinar (live or recorded).

Webinar Recordings

Recordings of webinars will be made available via our website shortly after the live viewing. For a list of recorded webinars, please click hereIf you sign up for the live webinar and do not attend, you will still be responsible for purchasing the recorded version, if you choose to watch it.   USA Cycling does not provide refunds for missed webinars.

Interested in hosting a webinar? The 2017 USA Cycling Coaching Education Webinar submissions date has passed. Thank you to all those who submitted requests!

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a web based seminar. Basically it is a cost effective method for offering interested parties educational seminars. When you log into the webinar, you will see whatever is on the presenter's screen. To hear the presenter speak, you will be able to listen over your computer or you can call into a telephone number. There is limited interactivity. The attendees can offer questions via a chat like function.

What are the technical requirements for "attending" a webinar?

As for computer requirements, you will need a high speed internet connection and a reliable Internet browser. 

Attendees should log into the webinar 10 or so minutes before the webinar is scheduled to begin. T

Webinar Troubleshooting

All approved participants receive information on logging into the webinar at least an hour before the webinar; in fact, you will probably receive a couple of reminders.

Please be sure to input your email address properly when registering. Several times people have not gotten information because they make an error inputing their email addresses.

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the registration and payment processes for webinars. It is a two step process described in detail below that requires REGISTERING for the webinar at the respective link below, but also PAYING for the webinar through the MYUSACYCLING function of the USAC website. If BOTH parts are not completed by noon Mountain time on the day before the webinar, you will be denied access to the webinar.

Free webinars do not have a deadline for registering and you only need to register at the respective link. However, late registrants may not receive handouts before the webinar begins.

I cannot attend the webinar. Is there a recording available?

USA Cycling will make recordings of selected webinars available. Recorded webinars can be accessed by logging into your account, clicking the "My Account" button, then clicking on "account" (below the Welcome Header). Here click on "View Available Clinics / Webinars".

At this time, if you pay to attend the live webinar and cannot attend, USA Cycling does not provide access to the recorded version. USA Cycling does not give refunds for webinars unless USA Cycling cancels the webinar.

Who can attend the webinar?

Webinars are open to anyone. If you are not a USAC member/license holder, you can still create an account at the USAC website. Only US residents can create a MYUSACYCLING account. If you are not a US resident, please contact the USAC Coaching Education director for assistance in setting up an account.

What is the cost?

Webinars cost $24.99 for USA Cycling Coaches, $34.99 for all others (live or recorded). USA Cycling reserves the right to change the pricing structure or offer some webinars at a different cost.

How do I pay for the webinar?

Payment for the webinars can be made through the MYUSACYCLING function at the USA Cycling website. If you do not already have an account, you must create one.  If you live outside the US, please contact the Coaching Education Director to set up an account.  Once an account is created, follow the procedures below.

When you log in to the MYUSACYCLING function, you will see a heading for "USA Cycling Coaching Clinics" with a link under it "View Available Clinics". Click on the link and you will see webinars for which you are eligible. Select the webinar you wish to attend.

Generally, the deadline for payment is by 1:00pm Mountain time the day of the webinar. At times this deadline may be earlier depending on the start time and other scheduling issues.

If you pay but do not register as described below, you will not get into the webinar and there are no refunds for missed webinars. There are also no "rollovers" to other webinars. Webinar payments cannot be transferred to another person either.

What if I pay and register, but cannot attend?

There are no refunds for the webinars and payment cannot be transferred to another webinar unless USA Cycling cancels the webinar.

How do I register for the webinar?

After payment, you will receive a hyperlink provided in the receipt for payment.

Once you have registered and paid, the organizer of the webinar will approve you to join the webinar. 

It is critical that you complete both steps before noon Mountain time on the day before the webinar.

Registration for the free webinars is very simple. All you need to do is click on the hyperlink title of the webinar and register at the Adobe Connect site. You will be automatically and immediately approved. 

I paid but did not receive the email for registration. What do I do?

Contact  the Coaching Education Coordinator as soon as possible for the link. If you have an AOL account, the hyperlink seems to get garbled. It may happen with other email providers as well.

I paid and received an email with garbled information and no link to register. What do I do?

Contact the Coaching Education Coordinator as soon as possible for the link. Please note that it may take some time to approve your entry into the webinar.

I paid and registered, but I received an email saying I was denied entry. What happened?

A few possibilities:

1. You registered at the webinar site, but you did not pay the fee required for the webinar. Please review the registration and payment process.

2. If you have paid, please notify the Please review the registration and payment process as soon as possible. A simple and easily correctable error may have occurred in the approval process.

3. You registered with 2 (or more) email addresses. One was denied. Check the other.  The address that was approved will be the one in the USA Cycling database.

Please note that you should not register for a webinar and then provide the link to another person.

Do I earn continuing education units (CEUs) for attending a webinar?

USA Cycling certified coaches will earn 2 continuing education units (CEUs) for attending the webinars. An email receipt will serve as your documentation for the CEU credit. It is your responsibility to maintain the record of earned CEUs.

Registration and attendance is required to earn CEU credit.

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