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Welcome to the UCI Team section of our website. Every year the UCI decides the basic structure and team format for UCI teams, but it is the national federation that manages the process. On this page you will find information regarding the 2016 UCI rules for team composition, timelines for submission of applications, other documents, and other regulations regarding teams.

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Domestic Elite Teams

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In an effort to better organize the top level of road cycling in the United States, USA Cycling created a category of road team that is above a club but not yet a UCI-registered team. These Domestic Elite Teams offer a stepping stone to the professional level and better solidify the position of teams competing at the National Racing Calendar (NRC) and the National Criterium Calendar (NCC) level. Both men's and women's teams wishing to accrue team points in either or both the NRC and NCC series must register as a Domestic Elite Team or as a UCI-registered team.

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For information about NRC/NCC scoring, please click on the link below:


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