National Off-Road Bicycle Association Bylaws


§1. Name.

1.1 The name of this organization is the National Off-Road Bicycle Association (NORBA). NORBA is a division of USA Cycling and operates under USA Cycling regulations.
1.2 No person or organization may use the name or emblem of NORBA in advertising, solicitation of goods or services, or promotion of goods, services, or events without the written consent of NORBA.

§2. Mission Statement and Desired Ends.

2.1 The mission of NORBA is to guide, service, and promote mountain biking as a competitive sport and outdoor activity.
2.2 NORBA has the following objectives:
2.2.1 To achieve widespread mountain bike participation for all ages, skill levels, and genders;
2.2.2 To have its sanctioned events be of high quality and meet the basic requirements of good event management;
2.2.3 To be a forum to identify and select the best elite athletes;
2.2.4 To support and promote proper land use ethics and responsible riding;
2.2.5 To influence national and international decisions that affect mountain biking; and
2.2.6 To promote a good public image of mountain biking and mountain biking cyclists.

§3. Members.

3.1 Membership in NORBA is open to individuals who participate in the sport of mountain biking. Individuals who hold NORBA licenses are voting members of NORBA.
3.2 Riders who compete in NORBA events are required to have a NORBA license in order to participate and are subject to NORBA regulations when doing so, but may not be declared ineligible to participate without fair notice and a hearing.
3.3 Individuals, clubs, and other organizations that are interested in bicycle racing may become affiliated upon payment of dues as specified in the Schedule of Fees and shall have voice but no vote in meetings of NORBA members.

§4. Government.

4.1 The government and vision for NORBA shall be committed to a Board of Trustees. This Board of Trustees shall approach its duties with a style which emphasizes outward vision rather than a preoccupation with its own affairs, encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, strategic leadership more than administrative detail, clear distinction of Board and staff roles, and a focus on the future rather than on the past or present. The Board of Trustees shall strive to be proactive rather than reactive in its endeavors.
4.2 The Board of Directors is tasked to:
4.2.1 Focus chiefly on the intended long-term impacts on the world of mountain biking, not on the administrative or programmatic means of attaining those effects;
4.2.2 Direct, control, and inspire NORBA’s membership through the careful establishment of the broadest organizational values and policies;
4.2.3 Enforce upon itself whatever discipline is needed to govern with excellence. That discipline shall be applied as self-policing by the Board of Trustees of any tendency to stray from the Board of Trustees Governance Policy;
4.2.4 Be accountable for competent, conscientious, and effective accomplishment of NORBA’s obligations as a constituent part of an Olympic national governing body. The Board of Trustees will allow no officer, individual, or committee to usurp this authority or hinder this commitment; and
4.2.5 Review, on a regular basis, the Board of Trustees’ process and performance.
4.3 The Association shall operate in accordance with written USA Cycling regulations, including NORBA regulations, which, in case of conflict, shall have precedence over one another in the following order: these Bylaws, Racing Rules, and Board of Trustees resolutions.

§5. Board of Trustees and Elections.

5.1 Eligible Athletes. For the purposes of Association Elections, an Eligible Athlete is a rider who is currently licensed as category Pro/Elite by this Association.
5.2 Board Composition. The Board of Trustees shall have nine members composed of seven classes with the following qualifications at the time of their election:
5.2.1 In addition to specific requirements below, each Trustee must be a NORBA member in good standing.
5.2.2 The Male Elite Athlete Trustee shall be a man who is an Active Athlete, as defined by USA Cycling Bylaws, by virtue of his involvement in mountain biking.
5.2.3 The Female Elite Athlete Trustee shall be a woman who is an Active Athlete, as defined by USA Cycling Bylaws, by virtue of her involvement in mountain biking.
5.2.4 The At-Large Athlete Trustee shall be currently licensed as a NORBA rider.
5.2.5 Two Organizer Trustees, each of whom shall have organized at least one national-level Category A or B NORBA-sanctioned race in the current or preceding 5 years.
5.2.6 Two Industry Trustees, each of whom shall be registered as NORBA Industry Associates.
5.2.7 The Officials Trustee shall have officiated at least one Category A or B NORBA-sanctioned race in the current or preceding 5 years.
5.2.8 The Land Access Trustee shall have demonstrated a dedicated interest in land access policies.
5.3 Election of Trustees.
5.3.1 Any Trustee candidate must be nominated by petition signed by at least twenty NORBA members and must accept the nomination in writing.
5.3.2 Each Eligible Athlete may cast one ballot in each election of an Elite Athlete Trustee, regardless of the number of NORBA licenses held by the Eligible Athlete. The term “Elite Athlete Trustee” shall include Male Elite Athlete Trustee and Female Elite Athlete Trustee.
5.3.3 Each NORBA member may cast one ballot in each election of a Trustee other than an Elite Athlete Trustee, regardless of the number of NORBA licenses held by the member.
5.4 Trustee Election Schedule.
5.4.1 In 1996 and in every third succeeding year, the following seats on the Board of Trustees shall expire: At-Large Athlete Trustee, Race Official Trustee, and Land Access Trustee.
5.4.2 In 1997 and in every third succeeding year, the following seats on the Board of Trustees shall expire: Male Elite Athlete Trustee, Promoter Trustee Seat 2, and Industry Trustee Seat 2.
5.4.3 In 1998 and in every third succeeding year, the following seats on the Board of Trustees shall expire: Female Elite Athlete Trustee, Promoter Representative Seat 1, and Industry Trustee Seat 1.
5.4.4 Nomination notices shall be published no later than June 15 of each year. All nomination petitions and signed acceptances thereof must be sent to NORBA headquarters no later than July 15.
5.4.5 No later than August 15, ballots and proxy forms shall be mailed to NORBA members who were members on August 1. Proxies must be sent to the Ballot Clerk no later than September 15 in order to be exercised at the annual meeting of NORBA members.
5.4.5 Trustees shall take office at the first meeting of their Board following their election.

§6. Officers.

6.1 At its first meeting after Trustee elections in even-numbered years, the Board of Trustees shall elect three officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary. Officers must be Trustees and shall serve for two years.
6.2 In the event of a vacancy of an officer position, that position shall be filled at the first meeting of the Board of Trustees following the vacancy.

§7. Amendments.

7.1 Amendments to Association Bylaws and Racing Rules may be made by the Board of Trustees provided that they are submitted by one or more Trustees.
7.2 The Board of Trustees shall provide a process which enables members to propose changes to NORBA Racing Rules. Amendments proposed for consideration by a meeting of Association members must be submitted either by a Trustee, by an affiliated club, or by petition of five or more Association members and must be sent in writing to the Association office not later than July 1 of the year in which they are to be considered.
7.3 No amendments to Association regulations other than those on the agenda may be considered at the Association meeting of members. All amendments must be approved by at least two-thirds of the total votes cast, abstentions not being counted, or by a quorum, whichever is greater. Amendments that are adopted shall take effect thirty days after adoption unless a later effective date is specified in the adopting resolution, subject to any requirement of notice to the Board of Directors established in USA Cycling Bylaws. (See USA Cycling Bylaw F, Section 1.)

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