Nearly $3 million distributed so far through LA payout program


A young rider receives instruction at an FRCA junior development camp
A young rider receives instruction at an FRCA junior development camp
USA Cycling announced today that based on 2011 license sales, it will distribute $421,170 back to its 34 Local Associations (LA) as part of an ongoing effort to grow competitive cycling at the grassroots level.
With the 2011 payout, USA Cycling has now delivered nearly $3 million in direct funding to its Local Associations since the program’s 2003 inception.

“The LA Payout Program represents a major reinvestment of membership dollars back into racing at the local level,” explained USA Cycling President and CEO Steve Johnson. “These monies are then allocated by the Local Associations to fund specific programs in their state or region, thereby ensuring our resources are used as efficiently as possible to grow cycling in all parts of the country.”
For the Florida Road Cycling Association (FRCA), the LA payouts have helped with recognition programs that encourage rider participation. They’ve also used their money to purchase equipment like an event timing system, and in 2011, the LA put on a very successful three-day junior development camp.
The LA payout helped FRCA put on this junior camp that saw over 30 participants.
The LA payout helped FRCA put on this junior camp that saw over 30 participants.
“The funding from USA Cycling has allowed us the ability to more broadly fund several programs and not just concentrate on a single objective for one or two programs,” says the FRCA’s Keith Creeden.   
In 2012, Keith says that his organization will devote increased resources to developing their officials program while also continuing to fund recognition and juniors programs and striving to encourage the growth of women’s cycling.
“Marketing will be another major focus as we strive to educate and inform the membership through a new website and e-mail marketing campaign,” Creeden continued. “We recognize the importance and need to market all the cycling disciplines and to provide equal access to all clubs and promoters in the state to this service.”    
The payouts have also helped the Minnesota Cycling Federation with their new rider outreach, enabling them to offer things like junior development grants and free entries for juniors at cyclo-cross races.
“Our primary funding is the USA Cycling payouts,” explained MCF spokesman Kevin Lennon. “None of the above would have happened without the support.”
For 2012, Minnesota will continue developing the junior side of the sport, but they’ll also use the payout for a State Championship jersey program, Rider of the Year awards, and officials training.

2011 is the fourth year in a row that all 34 Local Associations accrued license rebate funds from USA Cycling. (In order to receive a payout, the LA must have filed for and obtained non-profit status from the IRS and supplied the required year end reporting information to USA Cycling.)
Having the largest group of USA Cycling members, the Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association claimed the biggest payout for 2011, receiving a total of $40,070 from USA Cycling. The NCNCA was followed by the Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association which received $35,540. The New England Bicycle Racing Association earned $31,595 while the Texas Bicycle Racing Association received $28,680 and the New York State Bicycle Racing Association was fifth, earning $26,490.
2011 Local Association payouts:
Alabama Cycling Association $2,520
Arizona Bicycle Racing Association $11,770
Arkansas Bicycle Coalition $2,390
Bicycle Racing Association of Oklahoma $5,495
Carolinas Cycling Association $17,220
Colorado Velodrome Association $10,205
Florida Road Cycling Association $15,760
Georgia Bicycle Racing Association $8,665
Illinois Cycling Association $15,245
Indiana/Kentucky Cycling Association $9,580
Iowa Bicycle Racing Association $4,700
Kansas Cycling Association $4,295
Louisiana Bicycle Racing Association $4,205
Michigan Bicycle Racing Association $8,850
Mid Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association $16,430
Minnesota Cycling Federation $7,955
Missouri Bicycle Racing Association $7,940
Montana Bicycle Racing Association $1,880
Nebraska Cycling Association $1,820
New England Bicycle Racing Association $31,595
New Jersey Bicycling Association $12,320
New Mexico Bicycle Racing Association $4,985
New York State Bicycle Racing Association $26,490
Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association $40,070
Ohio Cycling Association $11,065
Pennsylvania Cycling Association $16,710
Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association $35,540
Southwest Idaho Cycling Association $3,295
Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association $6,650
Texas Bicycle Racing Association $28,680
Utah Cycling Association $12,540
Virginia Cycling Association $6,580
Washington State Bicycle Association $19,475
Wisconsin Cycling Association $8,250

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