NCCF Team Specialized Juniors Update 5-22-14


Here's a quick update that I'm sure you'll appreciate because it's different and special.

What's different? NCCF Team Specialized is an elite Junior team. "Team" being the operative word as we strive to be more together than any one rider could do on their own, to hold the riders accountable to their dreams of racing in Europe with the USA National Team and to give them a peek into the teamwork that will be required for them to make it and take it to the next level. In that way, almost every communication from me speaks of team. On and off the bike teamwork help to define our team and help us to grow our reputation as one of the best teams in the USA.

What's special? Gage Hecht is special.

There, I just broke my own "team" rule, but read on and you'll understand why:
+ Gage is 16 years old, living in Parker, Colorado
+ in 2013 our nine juniors amassed 103 wins, with Gage earning 38 of them!
+ Gage has won or placed top five in every race he has entered in 2014
+ Gage accumulated 160 elite 3 upgrade points, before finally upgrading to an elite 2 two weeks ago. The challenge in upgrading to a elite 2 is then you race with the professionals, which can crush your confidence, or put a challenge in front of you that you rise to.
+ in the two weeks that Gage has been an elite 2 racer he's been on the podium twice, including the top step at the Morgul Bismark Pro/1/2 Stage Race GC!
+ thankfully Gage has his head on right. He's humble, loves to learn, and speaks with his legs whether its climbing, time trialing or sprinting. His parents are fully supportive and the NCCF has been there to assist.

Let's dive into this last part. Many teams take credit for their athlete achievements, especially as juniors when they are winning and on top of the world. Our team differs than others in this area as we not only acknowledge and appreciate what the junior teammates have achieved, but also help them stay grounded and humble, continuing to push for more than they ever thought was possible, but is within their grasp. Thankfully, this is not a challenge for Gage, even with all of his early successes. He gets it! Congratulations on a successful season Gage

Six weeks until USA Road Nationals in Madison, WI. Lots of updates to come as the excitement builds to wearing the stars and stripes jersey on the top step of the podium!

Thank you for your continued support of our program. We sincerely appreciate it.


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