More national titles awarded on Friday at Masters Track Nationals


Men 60-64 time trial podium
Bill Ziegler stands atop the men's 60-64 time trial podium. Photo by Tim Chandonnet.
Redmond, Wash. (August 22, 2014) – Seventeen more masters athletes slipped into Stars-and-Stripes jerseys at the Marymoor Velodrome on Friday as day four of the 2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships featured more individual pursuits, time trials, scratch races, points races, and sprints.
Individual Pursuits

Russell Murphy (Kirkwood, Mo./Penrose Park Velo Team) added a gold medal to the bronze he won on Wednesday in the scratch race when he secured the win in the men's 50-54 individual pursuit on Friday. Murphy bested Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky./Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc.) in the two-kilometer event. In the women's 55-59 event, Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo./Quantum Mesa Cycles) grabbed another national title ahead of MaryAnn Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif./B4T9 Foundation). Among women 60-64, it was Jane Rinard (Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team) to take the win ahead of silver medalist Jan Palchikoff (Los Angeles, Calif./Velo Club LaGrange). The women's 65-69 competition saw Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif./Edde B Cycling) take the top step of the podium again ahead of Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del.Team EPS-CSS p/b Shebell & Shebell) while Bonnie Woodbury (Escondido, Calif./Eddie B Cycling) took the gold medal for women 70-74 and Patricia Baker took the gold medal for women 75-79.
Time Trials
Women 60-64 individual pursuit podium
Jane Rinard won the women's 60-64 individual pursuit. Photo by Tim Chandonnet.

Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash./Kenmore Velo) took another win over Annabel Holland (Livermore, Calif./SJBC) when she posted a 39.719 in the women's 50-54 500-meter time trial to best Holland's time of 40.079. In the men's 60-64 500-meter event, it was Bill Ziegler (Encinitas, Calif./Eddie B Cycling) to time trial his way into a Stars-and-Stripes jersey. Ziegler clocked a time of 37.376 to beat the 37.418 posted by runner up Keith Macbeth (Santa Cruz, Calif./24 Hours of Flathead). Kurt Sato (San Pedro, Calif./South Bay Wheelmen) took another win by posting a 35.722 in the men's 55-59 time trial to take the top of the podium ahead Aron Seiken (Fort Worth, Texas/Momentum Coaching Group) .
Scratch Races

In the men's 45-49 scratch race, David Brinton (Los Angeles, Calif./Serious Cycling) rode his way into the Stars-and-Stripes jersey ahead of Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill./Pact-DISH Network Cycling).  Michael Williams (Metairie, La.) took the national title among men 70-74 when he bested silver medalist Leo Menestrina (San Jose, Calif./Alto Velo Racing Club). James Kloss (Huntington Beach, CAlif./South Bay Wheelmen) grabbed another win in the men's 75-59 group ahead of J. Robert Beck (Hanover Park, Ill./Midwest Masters Cycling Team)

Points Races
Jenn Triplett (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) took another national title on Friday night when she won the women's 35-39 points race. With 23 points, she bested Agnes Sauvage (Seattle, Wash./Seattle Race Club) who came in second with 17 points. In the men's 40-44 event, it was Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif./ironfly) to take the top of the podium. He did so with an incredible 53 points compared to the 18 picked up by second place rider Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill./Tehuan Management Group).

Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif./Performance Cycle Coaching) outsprinted Ronald Hargrave (Colorado Springs, COlo./Hammer Racing Team – TGV LTD.) in the finals of the men's 65-69 event to take the top step of the podium. In the women's 40-44 event, Cheryl Fuller-Muller (Cumming, Ga./Garneau Factory Team) took yet another national title when she outsprinted Emily Nevin (Seattle, Wash.) in the finals. The final sprint of the night was won by Ethan Boyes (San Francisco, Calif.). He took the national title for men 35-39 when he beat out Brian Kesselman (Portland, Ore./TEMPO-KWC) in the finals.

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Action resumes at the Marymoor Velodrome on Saturday with more individual pursuit, time trial, scratch race, points race, and sprint competition.  Click here for a complete schedule with start lists.  Stay tuned to for a wrap-up of each day.
2014 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships
Marymoor Velodrome – Redmond, Wash.
August 19-24, 2014                                                                              

Men 50-54 Individual Pursuit

1.  Russell Murphy (Kirkwood, Mo.)   Penrose Park Velo Team   2:29.985 
2.  Curtis Tolson (Louisville, Ky.)   Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc   2:31.611 
3.  Ronald Sielinski (Redmond, Wash.)   Therapeutic Associates Racing   2:34.009 
4.  Mike Fadich (Wenatchee, Wash.)      2:34.138 
5.  Greg Cordasco (Basking Ridge, N.J.)   Liberty Cycle   2:34.495 

Women 55-59 Individual Pursuit

1.  Elizabeth Heller (St. Louis, Mo.)   Quantum Mesa Cycles   2:50.715 
2.  Maryann Levenson (Menlo Park, Calif.)   B4T9/Foundation   2:51.132 
3.  Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   2:51.339 
4.  Carol Johnson (Seattle, Wash.)   Puget Sound Cycling Club   2:54.867 
5.  Valerie Tiemann (Spring, Texas)   Northwest Cycling Club   3:03.673 

Women 60-64 Individual Pursuit

1.  Jane Rinard    Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team   2:50.750 
2.  Jan Palchikoff (Los Angeles, Calif.)   Velo Club LaGrange   2:57.169 
3.  Lynn Rivier (Highland Park, Ill.)   Pact- DISH Network Cycling   2:57.755 
4.  Mary Ellen Allen (San Mateo, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   2:59.309 
5.  Sheila Walsh (Seattle, Wash.)   Fischer Plumbing Cycling Team   3:00.367 

Women 65-69 Individual Pursuit

1.  Patricia Riddle (La Jolla, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling   3:17.642 
2.  Jo Johnson (Wilmington, Del.)   Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell   3:26.307 
3.  Ruth Gustafson (EDMONDS WA)   Team Group Health   3:26.307 

Women 70-74 Individual Pursuit

1.  Bonnie Woodbury (Escondido, Calif.)   Eddie B Cycling   3:07.972 

Women 75-79 Individual Pursuit

1.  Patricia Baker (Laguna Hills, Calif.)   San Diego Cyclo Vets   4:16.685 

Women 50-54 500-Meter Time Trial

1.  Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash.)   Kenmore Velo   39.719 
2.  Annabell Holland (Livermore, Calif.)   SJBC   40.079 
3.  Gwenn Afton (Reston, Va.)   Evolution Cycling Club p/b Long & Foster   41.510 
4.  Jane Vanni-noone (Indianapolis, Ind.)   Scarlet Fire presented by Matthews Bikes   41.545 
5.  Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif.)   San Jose Bicycle Club   41.751 

Men 60-64 500-Meter Time Trial

1.  Bill Ziegler (ENCINITAS)   Eddie B Cycling   37.376 
2.  Keith Macbeth (Santa Cruz, Calif.)   24 Hours of Flathead   37.418 
3.  Lionel Space (Phoenix, Ariz.)      37.511 
4.  Michael Birditt (Escondido, Calif.)   SKLZ-Swami's Cycling Team   38.280 
5.  Mark Altamirano (San Francisco, Calif.)   Guinness Cycling Team   38.423 

Men 55-59 500-Meter Time Trial

1.  Kurt Sato (San Pedro, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen   35.722 
2.  Aron Seiken (Ft Worth, Texas)   Momentum Coaching Group   36.751 
3.  James Thiele (Hillsboro, Ore.)   TEMPO/KWC   36.826 
4.  Raymond Gildea (Emerald Hills, Calif.)   Pen Velo Racing   37.010 
5.  Steven Lindell (Bellevue, Wash.)   Gregg's Trek Racing Team   37.546 

Men 45-49 Scratch Race

1.  David Brinton (Los Angeles, Calif.)   Serious Cycling    
2.  Brian Haas (Chicago, Ill.)   Pact- DISH Network Cycling    
3.  Aaron Levin (Mercer Island, Wash.)   Rocket 7 Custom Cycling Shoes    
4.  David Klipper (Portland, Ore.)   Guinness Cycling Team    
5.  Peter Lucke (Louisville, Colo.)   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team    

Men 70-74 Scratch Race

1.  Michael Williams (Metairie, La.)       
2.  Leo Menestrina (San Jose, Calif.)   Alto Velo Racing Club    
3.  Dale Harless (Bellevue, Wash.)   Apex Racing Team    
4.  Edward Burns (Vestal, N.Y.)   Crosshairs Cycling    
5.  Jurgen Leiser (Colorado Spgs, Colo.)       

Men 75-79 Scratch Race

1.  James Kloss (Huntington Beach, Calif.)   South Bay Wheelmen    
2.  J Robert Beck (Hanover Park, Ill.)   Midwest Masters Cycling Team    
3.  Jim Turner (Menlo Park, Calif.)   Alto Velo Racing Club    
4.  A Karakas (Port Orchard, Wash.)       

Women 35-39 Points Race

1.  Jennifer Triplett (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   23 
2.  Agnes Sauvage (Seattle, Wash.)   Seattle Race Club   17 
3.  Jennifer Kalich (AROMAS)   Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club   10 

Men 40-44 Points Race

1.  Kevin Phillips (Redondo Beach, Calif.)   ironfly   53 
2.  Jason Garner (Glenview, Ill.)   Tehuan Management Group   18 
3.  Jason Meidhof (Bethesda, Md.)   Team Beyer Auto   18 
4.  Peter Coulson (San Diego , Calif.)      16 
5.  Benjamin Sharp (Boulder, Colo.)   Stages Cycling   7 

Men 65-69 Sprint

1.  Mark Rodamaker (Los Altos, Calif.)   Performance Cycle Coaching    
2.  Ronald Hargrave (Colorado Springs, Colo.)   Hammer Racing Team- TVG LTD.    
3.  Stanley Gregg (Kirkland, Wash.)   Gregg's Trek Racing Team    
4.  Patrick Whelan (Minneapolis, Minn.)   PJW Racing    
5.  Leo Pettus (Yorba Linda, Calif.)   Paramount Racing    

Women 40-44 Sprint

1.  Cheryl Fuller-muller (Cumming, Ga.)   Garneau Factory Team    
2.  Emily Nevin (Seattle, Wash.)       
3.  Bre Rue (PORTLAND)   Fred Meyer Cycling Team    
4.  Cynthia Velasquez (Troutdale, Ore.)       

Men 35-39 Sprint

1.  Ethan Boyes (SAN FRANCISCO)       
2.  Brian Kesselman (Portland, Ore.)   TEMPO/KWC    
3.  Kenneth Lo (San Francisco, Calif.)   Performance Cycle Coaching    
4.  Jonathan Chambers (Hellertown, Pa.)   South Mountain Cycle & Cafe    
5.  Ryan Harasimowicz (Bothell, Wash.)   Blue Rooster/ScanSnap    

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