Mitchell Hoke Election Statement


Mitchell Hoke
Mountain Bike Committee - At-Large

            I have been racing mountain bikes for the last 11 years of my life. I love racing and I love the challenge it presents me day in and day out and the person it has shaped me to be. I started racing in high school with a teacher and couple of friends. It was so much fun then and is just as much fun now that I have made a career out of it.  I hope to continue racing a mountain bike well into the future.         
            In the past I have raced overseas with the US National Team and at U23 and Elite World Championships. This year I have represented the US and USA Cycling at the Pan American Championships and the first two rounds of the UCI World Cup. I have also been competing in the US Pro XCT in which I currently ranked 5th overall. I also hope to represent the US at the upcoming World Championships in South Africa.
            The success of mountain bike racing from the Olympic level to the amateur level is entirely intertwined with USA Cycling.  It is important that members of the MTB Committee understand this connection and understand why people want to race their mountain bikes and what makes it fun for them.  I believe that I will bring that perspective to the MTB Committee. Racing is my life and livelihood, but I also understand what needs to happen at races for a cat 3 who has never raced before to have fun and keep racing and for a aspiring junior racer getting ready to race in Europe for the first time.
            Recently I have been publically critical of USAC over some aspects of their handling of the UCI rules barring licensed UCI racers from competing in unsanctioned races. I have also defended them on other aspects. Hopefully some good comes of these issues and MTB racing can move forward in America.  My biggest hope if am I elected to the committee is that we could improve the situation to where the rule will be a non-issue. There are many possibilities for this, some bad and some good. 

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