Misty Gittings Election Statement


Misty Gittings
Mountain Bike Committee - At-Large

The first time my front tire hit a mountain bike trail, I knew I was where I belonged. Mountain biking is a transformative activity and it certainly made huge changes in my life. The immersion and respect for nature, the trust in your physical and mental strength, and the commitment to shared trails combines to build better people and better communities. I am committed to spreading these qualities by growing the sport to underserved groups like women and youth.

I live in an area that is blessed with magnificent trail systems featuring dozens of miles of single-track linked by paved bike paths. Northwest Arkansas has an excellent training and racing program for youth. Every school in my hometown of Bentonville, Ark., has mountain bikes for student use and has integrated them into a physical education program. I would love to share some of the amazing things that are happening in my region and promote growth on a national level.

When I first started mountain biking, I knew very few people who rode - none of whom were women. Mountain biking can feel like a somewhat lonely and intimidating sport for women trying to find their way onto single-track. I hope to improve the gateway to cycling for women and encourage participation in group rides and races.

As a journalist, I am a staunch advocate for trails and cycling through articles and blogging. My blog focuses on drawing women into the sport and highlighting local trails. I participate in my state's 10-race series and also do off-road triathlons around the region. I love racing and would like to see the women's results board swell with as many names as the men's.

I help with local trail building frequently ride paved trails with my 7-year-old son. I would be honored to serve on the Mountain Bike Committee as an at-large representative and help bring more riders into the fold.

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