Message from the CEO: 2011 USA Cycling election cycle update


Dear USA Cycling members,
Since its creation in 1995, USA Cycling has undergone significant evolution, as has the sport of cycling in this country. In an effort to ensure the bylaws and operating principles of the company accurately reflect the current business models of the sport today and for the foreseeable future, the USA Cycling board of directors recently approved a revised organizational governance plan.
Due to the recently approved and ongoing governance changes by the USA Cycling board of directors, the previously published election calendar will be delayed until July 1 and compressed to ensure the implementation of the new structure can begin with the 2011 election cycle.
The revised governance structure will clarify roles and responsibilities and eliminate ambiguity surrounding USA Cycling's various trustee groups. This will be done in part by creating seven discipline-specific Sport Committees that will develop competition rules, nominate and elect representatives to the USA Cycling board of directors, and advise staff on issues relevant to their respective disciplines. The new Sport Committees, which will be comprised of representatives from the general membership as well as specific membership stakeholder groups, will offer the various stakeholders in our sport a more relevant voice in the development and growth of each particular cycling discipline.
Click here to review more details on the governance revisions.
USA Cycling is excited to embark with you on a new chapter in the history of the organization and the sport. Thank you for being a part of American cycling.
Yours in cycling,
Steve Johnson
USA Cycling CEO

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