Laurel Green Election Statement


Laurel Green
Road Committee - At-Large

I am interested and excited to have been nominated to represent the members of USA Cycling as a Female Athlete at Large with the USA Cycling Road Committee. I value the forward movement of cycling in the United States. I have been road racing since 1994, and have a huge passion for the development of riders and for the sport of cycling itself.
During my racing career over the last 19 years I have seen riders come and go from the sport. I have a vision that more women, juniors, and men stay in the sport for longer, and learn how to take their development seriously while still having a blast in their own discipline. In my hometown community as a Physical Education teacher, I organize Walk and Roll to School Day in my school district, as well as promote Safe Routes to School Education. With the energy of 4th and 5th graders interested in riding their bikes to school, I am reminded each year how critical it is to promote a “can-do” mindset about cycling on any level.  As well, having coached women’s  and girls’ sports since 1991, I know that the more athletes we have to choose from, the more potential we have for greater numbers of talented athletes.  I would like to be a part of hearing from USA Cycling membership, what it will take to attract and retain members who become long term passionate cyclists in the wide variety of disciplines that USA Cycling has to offer.
Having raced cyclocross, track, and road, I have a sense of what fosters interest as well as retention in the sport, which I can readily share with other folks. As well, I have been coaching cycling for almost a decade now, and would love the opportunity to help USA Cycling obtain a picture of what the athletes in the community need and want to improve their licensed racing experiences.
For the past 4 years I have been directing a girl’s and women’s developmental road cycling team for Juniors, and all categories through the ranks.   This experience has allowed me to develop a keen awareness of the ins and outs of what builds a team and holds it together.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to team up with USA Cycling and other Road Committee members to share our voices, and move toward sound decisions that could improve the membership experience for all USA Cycling members. My goal as a sport committee member is to provide an ear to hear the athletes as well as a voice to communicate what they are saying. I am committed to representing the athletes who are members of USA Cycling with a fair and open mind.  Should I be elected, I would be honored to be of assistance to USA Cycling, as an organization, with my listening, communication, and action. I appreciate the opportunity for leadership in this area of the cycling community.
Thank you for taking the time to read my statement.
Laurel Green

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