LA Call Minutes- 2.22.16


LA Call – Monday, February 22, 2016
Joan Hanscom, Chuck Hodge, Jon Whiteman, Jeffrey Hansen, Frederike Blattspieler, Valecia Frasier, Stephanie Sexton, Kristen Uhlemann, Jared Esquivel, Emily Palmer, Larry Martin, Stuart Lamp, Stefanie Larson
Stefanie Larson-
  • We are excited to introduce Joan Hanscom as our Director of Event Services
    • Joan will lead the effort to grow USA Cycling’s support to events across the nation, develop policies and products that better serve the needs of event directors across all disciplines and event formats.
    • New internal structure – Membership and Event Services
      • Membership Service Coordinators to be called Event Services Coordinators- Valecia, Jared, Kristen, and Stephanie
      • Business Development Managers to be called Event Services Regional Managers- Stuart, Larry, Erin and Don
Joan Hanscom-
  • I am excited to join the team at USA Cycling.  I ran the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross.  I also worked on the Tour of the Red River Gorge, Five Spot Series, Long Run Circuit Race, and the York Tour de Pink. 
  • I come from ABUS Mobile Security where I led US public relations and marketing for the bike lock brand.
  • I have raced pretty avidly and I’m happy to be here.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Jeffrey Hansen –
  • Membership update
    • We had a strong start in December
    • Currently, our struggle nationwide is road memberships.  We are down by 8.6%.
    • Our trouble spot is gaining new members
      • We’re down 14% on new members
      • The new member season is a little bit later in the year
      • We will keep an eye on one days with the new members
        • It’s cheaper to purchase a one day, but it’s a bit too early to draw any conclusions there
    • Renewals are up
    • Returning lapsed members (anyone that wasn’t a member in 2015 but was in 2014) are steady
    • Trouble areas
      • California down 13-14%, but it’s getting a little better
        • Northern California is doing better than Southern California - weather
    • We are working on incentives
    • Are there any thoughts on what we can do on your end to incentivize people to come on board?
  • Judy Rhyne- CCA
    • People are moving away from races to gran fondos.  There’s a general shift away from road racing.  Has that been factored into the analysis?
  • Jeffrey Hansen
    • Yes, that is a factor, but it’s difficult to assess how much.  We’re looking at the industry, the types of events, and types of bikes being sold.
    • With our ride membership we are trying to get in that space
    • The people who are slightly disengaged are the hardest to reach while sending surveys
  • Randy Legeai - LAMBRA
    • Is there a way I can see my Local Association’s license count for road?
  • Stefanie Larson
    • In our current system, viewing licenses by discipline is not available at the moment.  We hope to implement that possibility in our new system.  In the meantime, I will ask if IT can run a report on the back end.
  • Jan Luke- SCNCA
    • To address the topic of getting new riders into the sport we started to request our RDs use the term “public” as a way to entice riders to come back to category 5, gravel grinders, and gran fondos.
    • We want to be able to attract people from the outside by using the term “public”.
    • We encourage RDs to include cat 5 only instead of cat 4/5.
Jon Whiteman-
  • Anti-doping education links
    • Last month I sent an e-mail to all of the LAs containing several anti-doping education links.
    • Thank you to the LAs who have posted links on their websites.
    • I encourage the others to post the links as well
    • Please let me know the links that have been posted since we want to keep track how far the education is going
    • If there are any changes we can get the information to people who have links on their website
  • Event submission
    • Thank you to everyone who submitted events.
    • There are still a handful of those who haven’t sent me potential anti-doping events
    • I meet with USADA this week to go over the year.
    • If I don’t have events by the end of this week it may be difficult to fit those in for the year.
  • RaceClean Report
    • Lookout for another race clean report.  I will make an attempt in this update to address all questions.
    • Feel free to make recommendations and send me topics that you think are important to you and your community.
    • For example, we made a marijuana FAQ.  This came as a result of people coming forth with questions.
Chuck Hodge-
  • How to handle international licenses
    • I will do a more robust FAQ that will go out to all LAs and race officials.
    • In the midst of the Mexican and Canadian Federations, I am working to get some reciprocity.
    • As you deal with foreign racers racing in the US, they should be an international license holder.
      • They have a category of what we call class. Except for Canada and Mexico, those racers should have a foreign permission letter.  They need a letter from the Federation stating they have permission to race in the US
      • We will leave you to the final judgment.
      • They need to have accident insurance in place.
      • If there’s ever a doubt, we may sell a $10 one day license.
  • Randy- LAMBRA
    • Suppose we have a racer that shows up from Puerto Rico and has a license issued from the Federation.  Is liability status affected by license status?  We want to make sure they have a one day license mainly for the medical coverage.
  • Chuck Hodge
    • Any racer should not have a license from more than one Federation.
      • Some have a USAC license as a lower category and another license from a different Federation as an elite.
      • Please get all the relevant information and send to me to deal with.
      • Other Federations don’t use the same category information.
      • We will leave it up to the chief ref to determine the proper category for a racer to compete in.
      • Elite is an age and it does not necessarily mean category.
      • If we have someone who is living here in the US and is a student with a foreign license we can issue them an account.
      • If they don’t have any license at all, they race cat 5 like anyone else.
  • Dave Fowkes- ICA
    • Have the Safety and Anti-Doping Committee members been selected yet?
  • Stefanie Larson
    • I will have Nancy or Jon contact you regarding the committees.

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