Justin Evans Election Statement


Justin Evans
Collegiate Sports Committee - Club President

As a rising senior at Appalachian State University, I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the collegiate committee because of the numerous leadership positions I have held. I have been racing since I was 16 and started racing collegiate the fall of my freshman year of college. I compete in four of the five disciplines so I am a well-rounded rider who has at least a basic knowledge in every event, except BMX. This will be my third year as an officer on the University’s cycling team, two as treasurer and one as team president. When I was 16, I attended the USA Cycling official’s clinic and have worked many different races including NRC events, future UCI events, collegiate events, and also local races. I am now a category B official so I have a very thorough knowledge of the USA Cycling rulebook. Lastly, one thing I would like everyone to know is that I am an Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America. The time spent working through the ranks of scouting has given me the ability to work with many different people in many different settings, including a special needs cycling team.

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