June 26, 2013 LA Call


Attendees:   Bruce Dunn (ABC), Eric Smith & Jim Allen (SCNCA), Don Russell (MTBRA), Lew Strader,  Chris Merriam & Jim Patton (MABRA), Jack McNeal (BRAO), Mark Ewers (MOBRA), Keith Creeden (FRCA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Dave Fowkes (ICA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA),  Ted Fisher & Kristin Hill (NCNCA), John Sammut (MBRA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), Keith Creeden (FBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA).
Staff:  Valecia Frasier, Andrea Spencer, Susan Diller, Kristen Uhleman,  Jeffrey Hansen, Gordon Weldon, Todd Sowl, Jane Luke, George Heagerty, Stuart Lamp, Larry Martin, and Fred Blattspieler.
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When: Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
New Membership Dept Structure

Frederike will be Membership Services Manager, overseeing internal membership coordinators and customer service processes
Jeffrey Hansen will be Regional Programs Manager, overseeing regional coordinators and local associations, as well as collegiate/interscholastic programs 
Rider participation: Checking in to see if there has been a change from last month

MABRA: no change, participation still down
CCA: same
LAMBRA: decrease at Tour of Louisiana, ~15%
????: Extreme weather played a factor for us
Nebraska: Participants and permits both down significantly
Montana: Down one race, participation up 10%
Florida: Flat from last year
NorCal: No change here
Eric: Up 5 races from last year, participation the same, so a net increase
Missouri: Weather has cancelled races
OK: smaller races down somewhat
New England: Races down a little bit, especially in pre-reg, lost a few races, as well 
LA input

Implementation of one license (for Road and MTB)- Is this something members would want? Pros and cons

Randy/LAMBRA: Cost savings? Gordon: Cheaper than buying both, yes. Randy: Might upset single license holders to see cost go up. Gordon: Trying to determine if this meets the needs of a sizeable group of people or just a niche. No price set for 2014, no increase since 2005. If we increase cost, might help to bundle both together to help defray that cost for license holders. Randy: Cost of license is still a factor in whether people race here. People try to race on one-days.
Don/Montana: Half of our road racers have MTB licenses, would appreciate that combo. Road racers would appreciate more participants from MTB license holders.
Nebraska: Lots of crossover, would be welcome.
Ted: Collegiate? Jeffrey: Collegiate would still be half price.
Norcal: Lots of crossover, would be welcome.
Jim: Current structure is a barrier
Eric: Don’t raise prices in a vacuum, consult with us- $70 could push people away
Randy: Won’t hurt existing riders, but might push new riders away from trying it. Could make first year cheaper.
???: Structure like officials.
Randy: Annual license is a hard sell in a small market, where someone can’t do more than five races
Gordon: What about a trial membership, such as a 30 day license, at a premium (more expensive than $10)
Randy: 30 days is short for our market, but idea is great
Ted/Norcal: Discount for first year to bring people in, one license to expand racing opportunities
Jeff/NY: Survey to riders?
Gordon: We are working on a survey that asks whether they’d race other disciplines.
Chris: Not a lot of MTB races are USAC- this would need to go hand in hand with increasing MTB events 
Offering the option of purchasing multi-year licenses- uptake at other NGBs is 5%

Judy: what about upgrades? Riders get more upgrades over two years and cards will be out of date more often
Gordon: pushing the iphone app
Judy: We push that, but there are some ‘experienced’ racers that will never adopt (echoed by others)
Lou: another thing for reg folks to check, so another failure point potentially
Gordon: We might issue two one-year licenses though for waiver issues. 
RaceClean Update: Sean has negotiated the price down- 1 event is $1750, 2 events $3500; Contracts are finalized and out to you by next week, back to us by July 15th.

Randy/LAMBRA: So far into season for us, might not be worth it for us this year. Do we pick the events?
Gordon: No, USADA picks the event based on criteria. Guarantees a test and increases likelihood, because any event is subject to testing.
Todd: Probably going to small events, too, which is good.
Randy: Important for us to know if first chance of testing is not until August, etc.
Todd: We will check, but impression is that they’re ready to pull the trigger once they get the contract.
Keith/Florida: Contracted directly with USADA, testing last year and this year. Made recommendations for races.
Todd: We can make recommendations, but that doesn’t guarantee testing. 
Chief Referee performance – Ted Fisher (NCNCA): How do the LAs handle CRs that do not meet expectations during an event?

???: Just don’t assign them again
Jim: Disciplinary process through Shawn Farrell
Dave Fowkes: Why pull riders if we want to encourage participation?
Jim: Pull riders for safety, not a judging issue
Judy: Not a huge issue here, but in worst cases they don’t get assigned again, but first try to coach and mentor them if it’s a training issue. Maybe assign them to a smaller race, and I attend, mentor them on site, as well. If behavioral, little we can do. 
Open discussion

Keith: For suspended riders, LA and RDs are never notified, so hard to enforce. We’d have to look at the list on a regular basis.

Gordon: We will see if we can publish something on a regular basis to you of suspended riders in your area.
Judy: Not all suspended riders are on the suspended rider list- will send example to you. Members want a published list of suspended riders and the reason.
Gordon: Legally on shaky ground to publish list of names publicly because a variety of reasons for suspension and privacy of our members. We will look into it and let you know next month.

Eric: Confusing for a lot of people that they get a license number without a license- Cat 5s show up with a ‘license number’ but no license. 

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