July 25, 2012 LA Call


 When: Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
Attendees:   Dave Fowkes (ICA), Eric Smith (SCNCA), Bill Parsons (TBRA), Jim Patton (MABRA), Judy Rhyne (CCA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA), and Randy Legeai (LAMBRA), Greg Aden (SCNCA). Kevin Lennon (MCF), Deb Schiff (NJBA), Dave Miller (PCA), Andy Reiland (WCA), John Sammut (MBRA), Chris Merriam (MABRA), Michael Humphries (MBRA), Kingsley Rutters (TBRA), and Don Russell (MTBRA).
Staff:  Gordon Weldon, Larry Martin, Randy Inglis, George Heagerty, Jeff Hansen, Beth Vialpando, Jan Luke, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list
Link to recorded call:  http://www.usacycling.org/forms/la/LA-Call-July25-2012.mp3  

  1. Filming the race finishes with a GoPro camera – Eric Smith (SCNCA)
    1. Hi-Def, mini-DV digicam, Canon w Macbook pro that steams directly to computer ($1500 total) via firewire, but Limited to 10-12ft
    2. Started using GoPro Hero 2 to capture sprint and as backup to finish line camera- no replacement for finish camera
    3. Placed a couple feet past finish line, can capture finish line down to >150m before the line, can do 4 videos, can go frame by frame, uses SD card so you can review on computer
    4. Wifi back remote control means you can turn it on and off from far away- next month is an app that allows you to stream directly from camera to ipad/iphone, etc wirelessly
    5. Cost is $299, wifi back is $99, tripod mount is $10, lighting stand goes up 11 ft, all told $500
    6. Focusing on line or down the road? Has 170 degree range, so focus on line from 2ft past line, and capture almost 200m up the road, too
  1. Follow up on LA data Reports – Bill Griffin
    1. Breakdown of race day numbers by categories. For example, determining what race days cat 5's are running this year as opposed to last year. It would help us know if we need to place more focus on attracting new riders and give us an idea of rider retention.
      1. Bill: That info needs to be submitted with post event for us to track, or we could get it from results- no response.
    2. On the current Download for promoter’s database/report, would like to be able to get that information by state or by LA region.
      1. Bill: Was actually thinking of getting rid of the downloads except the All file, since people visit from out of state
      2. Randy: Only download the full database, can sort and filter using Excel
      3. Steve, NM: A regional file or field in the database would be helpful since my region does not correspond to state lines
      4. A field in the DB that indicates the rider’s LA
    3. Design a query form for each LA into this Download for promoter’s database/report – that way they could look at CX riders in the LA and drill it down to specific categories/gender.
      1. It already does this- just need to make sure Excel imports csv properly
    4. Create a report that would show all of the results in the Results and Rankings data base for a particular year for a particular club.  For example, could see all the results for the club for all Cat 4 riders. This would help the clubs to summarize their results at the end of the year.
      1. Bill: Currently can just view results by team, but would you like it for the whole club?
      2. Randy: Not crucial, but nice to know for the club to summarize results to sponsors
  1. On-line Post Event Update – Fred Blattspieler
    1. Still working on this, will let you know when it’s ready
  1. On-line registration and multi-day events
    1. Online Reg only collects 1-day license fees for first day, not for second day, etc. RD must collect money for subsequent 1-days
    2. IT is working on it, but we don’t have an ETA
  1. Ideas for increasing events, attendance at events, and license sales – Fred Blattspieler
Does anyone have any best practices to share?
  1. Eric: We offer upgrade criteriums in October, November, aimed at 5s, 4s, and 3s that don’t participate in CX- no cash, etc. Just for upgrade pts. 5s sell out, 4s at 75 each, 3s at 50 riders- 250 riders total, 2-3 years now, makes money and boosts numbers
  1. 2012 LA Summit dates:  Friday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 4th
Send ideas for topics to me
  1. Open discussion
    1. Gordon: Recent influx of other online reg systems selling annual licenses, which we don’t allow- we instruct riders to get refund and buy again from USAC- we don’t recognize anything besides licenses we sell (paper or online). Some RDs refuse to give those refunds, however. Bike Reg and Active are the big offenders. Active also trying to do electronic waivers, which we do not recognize- this puts the RD at risk and we will not protect them. Pre-race and NM Reg Online also did it but they pulled it down quickly.
      1. Maybe put info on this in packet or on website for riders to be aware?
    2. Gordon: Permit fees- we said we would be eliminating 7% for 2013, but this is a goal we cannot reach. Permit fees tied too deeply into too many areas, it’s too big a task and we want to be sure we don’t rush it through and we do it right. This is difficult to backtrack on, but better to do it right than do it for the sake of doing it. We will discuss at LA summit and with board and sport committees.

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