Jordan Martin Election Statement


Jordan Martin
Collegiate Committee - Club President

Cycling. If you have to ask why, you wouldn’t understand. If you understand, you wouldn’t have to ask why. Cycling isn’t an individual sport it is a group of people coming together to find their limits, push them, and break through them. I have spent my life around cycling and have seen it change in many ways; most importantly I have seen it flourish and grow. For the last 2 years I have been racing collegiately and in just two years I have watched the ACCC go through several changes and grow in many aspects.

My dad has been riding for over twenty years and has been my mentor. He has shared his vast wealth of knowledge with me and has guided me during my years as an active member of the cycling community. He has been a promoter in recent years and has put on a multitude of races in the triad area. Seeing first hand what it takes to bring in cyclists to an event gives me a unique perspective on the sport. Along with two years of racing competitively both collegiately and USAC, I have had my officiating license for quite some time. Having seen a race from the promoter’s (both collegiate and USAC), officials’ and racers’ viewpoints helps me to forge compromise and find common ground between all parties; I can see what it takes to help this sport flourish.

I believe that by being more active in the management of the sport I can use my experiences to make a positive impact on cycling. As a club representative for collegiate cycling I can share my ideas while listening and learning from what others
around me think. Pulling these resources together will foster a welcoming environment and help collegiate cycling continue to grow. Watching how much cycling has grown just within the past two years has made me believe in the sport. I believe that with the right leadership and openness, cycling can continue to expand even more so than it already has. With the right leadership, anything is possible.

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