John Meehan Election Statement


John Meehan
UCI Race Director - Cyclo-cross Committee

We have seen and unprecedented growth of cyclocross in the US in the past 5-6 years. The fun and excitement which cyclocross generates is something the Europeans have know for decades and we are just now starting to discover. The close proximity of spectators to the riders lap after lap gives the fans a true understanding of the sport and creates a frenzied bond of excitement and understanding that no other cycling discipline can match. We all know and love our sport and I believe it is the ultimate entry level competitive sport. Brining new riders into the sport grows the sport at the top level as well. Therefore, we need to focus on all levels including development of the juniors and beginners, exciting venues and challenges for the intermediates and masters, and culminating with growth and opportunities for all the Professional and soon to be Pro men and women. And when you look at what our sport does, no other professional sport can come close to what we offer the riders, spectators, and fans in cyclocross.  Can your imagine yourself playing a pickup softball game at Yankee Stadium or Fenway with your buddies and then getting seats right behind the dugout to watch the night game all for the price of your entry fee to your softball game? That’s what we have created here in the US and it is very unique.

I am the founder and current race director for the 3 day UCI Jingle Cross in Iowa City, Iowa. It started asa small grass roots event in 2004. Through some good planning and a team of great supporting players, the Jingle Cross graduated to a UCI 2 day event in 2007 and eventually on to a 3 day event in 2009. I have been involved in all aspects of the tremendous growth of this unique Holiday themed cross event including planning and marketing, sponsorship, advertising, race promotion, course construction and design, website development, media broadcasting, and registration. Growth at all levels has been a focus. All proceeds from the Jingle Cross are donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital making it the most unique UCI cyclocross event in the world.

I have also been involved in professional bike racing and have worked with USAC and the UCI on many fronts beyond cyclocross. I was team physician for Bissell Pro Cycling (2008 - 2013) and more recently with Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Strategic Benefits (2014 - present). I have been there on course in the team vehicles dozens of times at high profile US stage events on the UCI calendar including the Amgen Tour of Colorado, Colorado Pro Tour Challenge, Tour of Missouri, Tour of Georgia, plus others. For my real job, I am also a pediatric surgeon specializing in robotic surgery and maintain an avid cycling lifestyle. I currently hold USAC category 1 license for the road, category 2 for cyclocross and also maintained an International UCI license since 2006.