John Laupheimer Election Statement


John Laupheimer
Cyclo-cross Committee - L.A. Representative

I think there are two components to creating a healthy sport. We must have a great race calendar for the local riders at all levels.  This makes the sport fun and helps continue drawing riders into CX racing.  
There also need to have elite race opportunities so that our internationally competitive riders can get the experience and points needed to campaign successfully in Europe.
I hope to help achieve this at the national level.
I have been a competent competitor, last racing in the Master's Nationals when they were in Providence. My first exposure to cross was when the Nationals were held in Plymouth in the early 1980's.  
Since putting away the CX bike, I have officiate through the last 5 seasons throughout NE.  My responsibilities ranging from assisting at UCI races to being Chief in local races.  
I have been actively involved in scheduling the very busy NE CX calendar.
I also help put on one of the largest local races, the Canton Cup.  
I have been on the New England LA board for 5 years and the President for 3.
I have overseen the continuation of the extremely vibrant CX experience in New England. We have created opportunities for riders of all levels in CX.  
New England was one of the earliest centers of CX racing in the US.  We have come from a strictly grassroots calendar to one that also includes a large UCI series.  CX has been the fastest growing aspect of cycling in our region.  We have over 1000 racers participating in the sport at all levels.  We also attract elite racers from across the US and also internationally to our races.  
It has been critical to our program that the local races receive the same attention as our UCI races.  The sport cannot stay healthy without fun and exciting local racing continuing to draw new riders to the sport.  Simultaneously, we need the draw of elite races to attract national and international riders, to give local elite riders the chance to earn UCI credibility, and to give grassroots riders something to aspire to.  We have successfully done this in NE.
Bicycle Racing has been a passion for me since the late 70's.  I love the sport and would be honored to have the opportunity to contribute at a national level.  I'd appreciate your vote.

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