Jeffery Frost Election Statement


Jeffery Frost
Mountain Bike Committee - Endurance Race Director

Thank you for taking a moment to read a bit about why I am seeking a position on the USA Cycling MTB Sport Committee.

I am a cyclist. Fat tire, skinny tire or cyclocross - I ride and race my bikes. That's at the core of the perspective I would bring to the Committee. To that perspective, I'd add 20 + years of experience owning, promoting and organizing cycling events around the country. From my days as a sport racer in New England, to the countless days in between the fences at National Series events – I've had the privilege of being around some of the best cyclists and race officials in the world.

I see things as a participant and as an organizer. Having considerable experience looking at the state of our sport from both of these vantage points, it's clear to me that all of us, whether we identify ourselves as riders, organizers or as a member of the governing body, are stakeholders, and much more importantly, partners in the process.

Positive change will be gradual, but it needs to be accomplished from within the organization. Growing cycling needs to be our primary goal. If cycling is healthy, we can and will produce champions. In order to avoid these changes being forced upon USAC from the outside, I'd like to help forge change from within; better rules, greater transparency, consistent enforcement, and most of all, a meaningful and respectful exchange of ideas between the governing body and its membership. Because at the end of the day, I believe that a national governing body exists to serve its members, not police them.

Thank you for considering me for the position of Endurance Race Director Representative on the Sport Committee.

Remember to vote- regardless of the candidate you choose - it is important to be part of the process.

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