The New iOS 11 Mobile App is here


The new iOS 11 mobile app allows you to access a digital version of your licenses to verify your status when checking in at races.

Our new iOS 11 app can be found here

We value your opinion and will continually be working to improve this app. If you have feedback, please email: Please provide the version of iOS that you're running and on which model of iPhone to help us better serve you.

You will notice that the first release is limited with only access to the digital license. We do have a full app in the works. The features outlined below will be available shortly.

Release 1.0: Digital License Access. Stay logged into the app to keep a digital version of your license on hand.

Release 1.1: Store your license in Wallet for easier accessibility. Rider Look-up will be available for those with an active Officials license.

Release 2.0: Access a list of features such as Event Search, Member Benefits and Resources.


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