Important Updates for Collegiate BMX National Championships


USA Cycling and USA BMX have finalized several important details for the inaugural collegiate category at the USA Cycling BMX National Championships. Scheduled for Saturday, March 31, in Chula Vista, CA, this first of its kind event will draw collegiate BMXers from across the country to ride on behalf of their colleges and universities for the first collegiate BMX national championship title in U.S. history. For a PDF of this information, click here.

Collegiate-Specific Rules and Announcements (For Collegiate Class Only)

1.    Full-time Status: All teams must bring proof of their riders’ full-time student status to registration on this form, signed by their school registrar.

2.    Clothing: Per USA Cycling rule 7I, all riders for a team must wear identifiably similar collegiate team jerseys, or blank jerseys with the school’s name or abbreviation prominently displayed. The school’s name, nickname, or initials must be the most prominent image on the jersey.

3.    Qualification and Licensing: Riders will only need either a USA Cycling Collegiate or a USA BMX license to enter the race. All teams must be registered as a Collegiate Club with USA Cycling using this form (the fee is waived the first year).  

4.    Challenge Class: The collegiate class is a Challenge/20” class, which will take place Saturday, March 31 on the standard BMX track, with an entry fee of $60 per rider. Collegiate riders will practice with their respective age groups on Friday and Saturday.

5.    Clubs/Registration: Pre-registration is available at Riders registering for the collegiate class must be sure to register as riding for their college or university as it is listed in the USA Cycling database  (i.e. instead of “CU”, “University of Colorado-Boulder”). If registering for an additional class under a different sponsor, please provide a collegiate team roster at number pick-up on site.

6.    Scoring: Collegiate teams may bring up to eight men and eight women. Riders will be ranked on their placing in the main event; those riders not transferring to the main event will be scored on the three rounds they completed.  If two riders are tied, the first tie breaker is their finish in round 3.  The next tie breaker is their finish in round 2, and lastly their finish in round 1. Team scoring then will proceed as outlined in USA Cycling rules 7L5, 7L6, and Appendix 4. Only the scores of the top three riders from each team count toward the team omnium.

7.    Awards Ceremony: The Collegiate awards ceremony for the top three riders of each gender and top three teams will be held Saturday March 31 immediately following all other competitions on the standard BMX track.

8.    Foreign Riders: Per USA Cycling rule 7G4, foreign riders who are full-time students in the United States and satisfy all other eligibility requirements may participate in the collegiate class only, but may not enter any other event at the USA Cycling BMX National Championships.

9.    Additional information is available here.

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