Hunter Allen Election Statement


Hunter Allen
Road Committee - Coach

I am very excited to be a candidate for re-election to represent the coaches and athletes for the USA Cycling Road Committee.  This past year as Road Coach representative was an exciting and challenging one.   Participating in the newly formed committee structure gave me the opportunity to represent you, the USA Cycling Coach, in many areas.  One area that I worked with the committee on and also with the Vice President of Athletics, Jim Miller, was an area of concern that many of the coaches had asked me to address.  We worked together to make sure that all USA Cycling Road directors will maintain an open and clear communication channel to the personal coaches of athletes riding in USA Cycling Programs.  This awareness and commitment by both personal coaches and USA Cycling directors was immediately implemented and a great collaboration resulting in more success for our athletes!
This past year, also marked the leaving of Sam Callan, the Coaching Education Director, and I organized conference calls with many concerned coaches, answered emails and addressed many of the issues regarding this situation.  I also organized multiple conference calls with VP of Athletics, Jim Miller to make sure that current coaches services would be maintained, described the issues brought up to me, and also worked to help finding a suitable replacement.   Once the new Coaching Education Director, Kevin Dessert, was hired, I participated in conference calls outlining all the roles, programs and details of the current Coaching Education program making sure that your interests and needs were clearly represented.     In all, it has been a great experience and I have enjoyed working more closely with USA Cycling Coaches and also the employees at USA Cycling.
As the coach representative, my goal would continue to be that all USA Cycling Road coach voices are heard and represented in committee meetings and in decisions for the future of USA Cycling.  As an active coach myself, and with an incredible growing coaching membership, we need to continue to improve our coaching abilities and expertise in order to help all riders achieve their goals.  I would be honored and excited to continue to help keep education of coaches as a top priority as it’s us, the coaches that help grow the sport in so many ways.  I feel that we have an obligation to uphold and share our knowledge with juniors, masters, women, elites and beginning racers and that has been my personal goal since I began coaching back in 1995.
I have been a bicycle racer since 1983, where I raced BMX, then moved to MTB in the late 1980’s and then to road in the 1990’s, and was fortunate enough to ride professionally for the Navigators team in the mid 1990’s. Since then, I have been actively coaching cyclists of all levels and have built a successful coaching business with over 30 coaches as a part of the Peaks Coaching Group.  Along the way, I have been a pioneer in training with a power meter, co-developing the TrainingPeaks WKO+ software, and Co-Authoring (w/Dr. Andrew R. Coggan) the book, “Training and Racing with a Power Meter”.     As a longtime level 1 coach, I have represented USA Cycling and USA Cycling Coaches on numerous occasions including:  2005 USA Cycling Coach representative to Pan American Sports Organization- Montevideo, Uruguay, Technical Coach for the 2007 BMX World Championships- Vancouver, Canada, and Technical Coach for the 2008 BMX Olympic Team-Beijing Olympics.
I have worked closely with the past USA Cycling Coach director; Sam Callan on many projects including starting a webinar teaching series for coaches, and helped to develop the Power based Coaching certification.  Along with my co-teachers Dr. Coggan and Dr. Stephen McGregor, I have taught over 20 power based seminar certifications to USA Cycling Coaches all over the country.    
As the coach representative, I will strive to keep road coaches involved in decisions at USA Cycling, make sure that both the coach and athletes’ views, concerns and voices are expressed and also continue to make sure that coaching education is an important goal at USA Cycling.
Thanks for your vote.
Hunter Allen

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