Frank Mackzum Election Statement


Frank Mackzum
Road Committee - At-Large

Hello, my name is Frank Mackzum.   I am running for the At-Large position on the Road Committee.  I have been a USAC license holder for twenty years.  In those twenty years I have been a Cat 2 racer, promoter of over twenty races, LA President, Cat A official and a member of the Board of Trustees.  As you can see I have been involved in every aspect of cycling, which is what I believe it takes to make good decisions at this position.  With the new organization of USAC not having regional Trustees, we have to make sure that small markets (States) as well as the large markets are represented.  I travel to many regions as an official and also as a teacher of the motor C class.  I get to hear about all the concerns in each of these areas, not just small markets like the one I live in, or large markets like California.  Both have unique problems and concerns. Sometimes helping one area hurts another.  Decisions need to be made that are in the best interest of both.  If we don’t have representation from both areas, we can make it much harder for small markets to thrive or even survive.  As an At-Large member of the Road Committee, I will be representing all aspects of road cycling, not just one specific area.  I have sat on the Board of Trustees for two terms and made sure all markets where heard from.  

The most important thing about the election is that you vote and let your voice be heard.   There really isn’t any reason not to vote.   It’s as simple as point and click. Show USAC you care enough about what is going on and vote.  Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your vote and to ask if you have any questions or concerns that you contact me and let me know.  My email is

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