Francisco Pons Election Statement


Francisco Pons
Road Committee — Coach

I am honored to be nominated to represent the members of USA Cycling as a Coach on the Road Committee.

I think I can help to the Road Committee because I'm a racer, a full-time Coach and I have an Indoor Cycling Studio (

I'm very passionate about the sport of cycling and it is my full-time job. Furthermore, I have some ideas and good information about what other countries are doing such as Italy, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.

As an experienced coach and a racer I can help develop cycling programs and racing programs. My coaching clients include not only people who are just trying get in better shape, but also racers who are looking for upgrade, many of whom take race and series podiums. Almost all move up a class or two since I have worked with them. I work with all my clients, recreational riders and racers, with the same passion. Your vote will help me to innovate new and fresh ideas for them and our sport.

Thank you.

Francisco Pons.  License #276266 Coach & Racer.

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