Fourth of July sees Stars-and-Stripes jerseys awarded to 37 national champions


A total of 35 divisions contested the time trial courses in Waterloo, Wisconsin, on July 4
A total of 35 divisions contested the time trial courses in Waterloo, Wisconsin, on July 4. (photo by Karl Hendrikse)
Waterloo, Wisconsin (July 4, 2014) -- There were plenty of patriotic Stars-and-Stripes jerseys on display for Independence Day as 37 national titles were awarded in the time trial after the third day of competition at the 2014 USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road National Championships.
Racing began Friday morning in Waterloo, Wis., with the U23 men and women. After winning Wednesday's U23 women's road race, Kelly Catlin (Arden Hills, Minn./NorthStar Development) doubled up by also taking Friday's 28-kilometer time trial with a winning time of 38:09. Meanwhile, T.J. Eisenhart (Lehi, Utah/BMC Development Team), who placed third in yesterday's U23 men's road race, bested a field of 71 riders to take the U23 title in a time of 32:38. Also competing on the 28km course was the men's open race, won by Tim Mulvihill (Park City, Utah/Contender Bicycles) in 32:54.
Juniors between 15 and 18 years old raced the 20-kilometer course. Adrien Costa (Los Altos, Calif./Hagens Berman U-23) and Emma White (Delanson, N.Y./Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, Inc.) earned national titles in the 17-18 races, one year after each won their respective 15-16 divisions. Gage Hecht (Parker, Colo./NCCF-Team Specialized Juniors) climbed the top step of the men's 15-16 podium, and Hannah Arensman (Rutherford College, N.C./TWENTY16 Junior Development Team) ascended the women's 15-16 podium for the second time this week, doubling up on her road race win on Wednesday.
The youngest riders in the event took to the out-and-back 9-kilometer course. Liam Holowesko (Nassau, Fla.) and Megan Doherty (Boise, Idaho/BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Sqaud)) posted the fastest times in the 13-14 races. For Doherty, it was a repeat win from last year. The 11-12 categories were won by Luke Lamperti (Sebastopol, Calif./Team Swift) and Megan Jastrab (Apple Valley, Calif./Southern California Velo), while Zayk Cronyn (Tucson, Ariz./Rock Creek Velo) and Marie Grassi (Columbus, Ohio) were crowned champions in the 9-10 age class.
Para-cycling Time Trials
The tandem duos in the blind or visually impaired category led off the para-cycling competitions. David Swanson (Tucson, Ariz./Body by Vi p/b/ Velo Vie) and Clark Rachfal (Annapolis, Md./U.S. Paralympics) covered the 28-kilometer course the quickest to take the men's victory. In the BVI women's race, Shawn Cheshire (Camillus, N.Y./Syracuse Bicycle Cycling Club) and Mackenzie Woodring (Belmont, Mich.) took home the win.
Mark Gyulafia (Westwood, Kan./Blue River Bicycle Club) defended his title in the C5 men's race, Jeffrey Martin (Oceanside, Calif./Team Roger C Peace) the C4 race, Joseph Berenyi (Oswego, Ill./ABD Cycling Team) the C3 event, and Aaron Keith (Woodinville, Wash./Team Roger C Peace) and Matthew Bigos (Cardiff By The Sea, Calif./Alternabike-Velo Hangar) repeated as champions in the C2 and C1 events, respectively.
Three champions also successfully defended their titles in the women's para-cycling time trials: Greta Neimanas (Colorado Springs, Colo./TWENTY16 Pro Cycling) in C5, Jamie Whitmore (Mount Aukum, Calif.) in C3, and Allison Jones (Colorado Springs, Colo./Globalbike Racing) in C2. Shawn Morelli (Leavenworth, Kan./Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Racing) donned the C4 champion's jersey.
In the men's handcycling races, Oscar Sanchez (San Diego, Calif.) won the H5 race, Tom Davis (Fremont, Ind.) won the H4 event, William Lachenauer (Reno, Nev./Team Roger C Peace) topped the H3 results, William Groulx (Portland, Ore./Paralyzed Veterans Racing) was fastest in the H2 category, and H1 honors went to Rob Zimmy (Shelbyville, Ind.).
Women's handcycling winners were Oksana Masters (Louisville, Ky.) in H5, Thea Rosa (Sacramento, Calif./Victory Velo Racing) in H4, and Alicia Dana (Putney, Vt./Putney Bicycle Club) in H3.
Ryan Boyle (Monroe, Conn./Team Roger C Peace) won the T2 para-cycling race, and Jay LaPointe (Aurora, Colo.) is the T1 national champion. Jill Walsh (Syracuse, N.Y.) took top honors in the T2 women's race.
The action moves to Rockdale on Saturday for road races in the para-cycling categories in addition to the junior men and women age 9-14. Sunday's criteriums in downtown Madison conclude the event and will feature fast-paced racing that will take the riders around the Wisconsin state capitol on a four-corner, one-kilometer course.
For more information on the event, including course maps, a schedule of each day’s races, results and photos, visit the 2014 USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road National Championships event page. Look for updates from Madison on the USA Cycling Facebook and Twitter channels, or follow on Twitter with the hashtag #RoadNats.
2014 USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road National Championships
Madison, Wisconsin
July 4, 2014

Men U23 19-22

1.  Taylor (t.j.) Eisenhart (Lehi, UT)   BMC Development Team   0:32:38.16 
2.  Robin Carpenter (Philadelphia, PA)   UCI CT: Hincapie Sportswear Development Team   0:33:26.54 
3.  Benjamin Wolfe (Old Lyme, CT)   UCI CT: Jelly Belly Cycling   0:33:47.95 

Women U23 19-22

1.  Kelly Catlin (ARDEN HILLS)   NorthStar Development   0:38:09.29 
2.  Kaitlin Antonneau (Colorado Springs, CO)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   0:38:11.92 
3.  Allison Arensman (Rutherford College, NC)   PainPathways Cycling Team   0:40:39.94 

Men Open

1.  Tim Mulvihill (Park City, UT)   CONTENDER BICYCLES   0:32:54.34 
2.  Justin Rossi (Reno, NV)   Marc Pro - Strava   0:33:04.10 
3.  Timothy Mitchell (Ashland, MA)   CCB Racing   0:33:32.42 
4.  Jonathan Jacob (Indianapolis, IN)   BISSELL-ABG-GIANT   0:33:34.67 
5.  Mac Brennan (East Jordan, MI)   UCI CT: Bissell Cycling   0:33:40.77 

Men Junior 17-18

1.  Adrien Costa (Los Altos, CA)   Hagens Berman U-23   0:25:18.73 
2.  William Barta (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:25:22.91 
3.  Jake Silverberg (Pembroke Pines, FL)   Interactive Metronome Development   0:25:31.87 

Women Junior 17-18

1.  Emma White (Delanson, NY)   Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, Inc.   0:28:53.45 
2.  Janelle Cole (Rockford, MI)   West Michigan Coast Riders   0:29:18.92 
3.  Ashlyn Woods (Winston Salem, NC)   Carolina Cycling Team   0:30:10.94 

Men Junior 11-12

1.  Luke Lamperti (Sebastopol, CA)   Team Swift   0:13:13.08 
2.  Nick Carter (Minneapolis, MN)   NorthStar Development Cycling   0:13:46.93 
3.  Gerard Josulevicz (ALLENTOWN)   Vortex Cycling Club   0:14:05.01 
4.  Carlos Guzman (Wilmette, IL)   Team Barraza   0:14:23.38 
5.  Iain Mackeith (Mc Lean, VA)   NCVC/UnitedHealthcare   0:14:25.45 

Men Junior 13-14

1.  Liam Holowesko (NASSAU)      0:12:18.85 
2.  Lance Abshire (Baton Rouge, LA)   Team LaS'port   0:12:37.62 
3.  William Bobrow (Louisville, KY)   Papa John's Racing Team   0:12:39.64 
4.  Andrew Schmidt (Lake Geneva, WI)   Hincapie Development team   0:12:40.40 
5.  Davis Branyon (Gainesville, GA)   Frazier Cycling   0:12:43.78 

Men Junior 15-16

1.  Gage Hecht (Parker, CO)   NCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors   0:25:50.08 
2.  Brandon Mcnulty (Phoenix, AZ)   Landis/Trek   0:26:16.57 
3.  Christopher Blevins (Durango, CO)   NCCF/ Team Specialized Juniors   0:26:49.90 
4.  Daniel Willett (San Clemente, CA)   Monster Media Racing Team   0:27:04.33 
5.  Matteo Jorgenson (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:27:13.30 

Men Junior 9-10

1.  Zayk Cronyn (TUCSON AZ)   Rock Creek Velo   0:15:19.79 
2.  Luke Swan (Alpine, CA)   Strive Racing   0:15:39.45 
3.  Stephen Heath (ALPHARETTA)   Frazier Cycling   0:16:08.72 
4.  Jack Carter (MINNEAPOLIS)   NorthStar Development Cycling   0:16:31.34 
5.  Ryan Hoppenfeld (ATLANTA)   Frazier Cycling Juniors   0:16:44.89 

Women Junior 11-12

1.  Megan Jastrab (Apple Valley, CA)   Southern California Velo   0:14:22.87 
2.  Ava Sykes (Seminole, FL)   Triton Multisport Cycling Team   0:15:03.77 
3.  Isabella Brunner (Healdsburg, CA)   Team Swift   0:15:04.35 
4.  Hayley Diemar (Jupiter, FL)      0:15:05.43 
5.  Mj Lopezaguirre (Spring, TX)   Southern Elite   0:15:11.17 

Women Junior 13-14

1.  Megan Doherty (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:13:06.94 
2.  Katie Clouse (Park City, UT)   cole sport   0:13:52.87 
3.  Abigail Youngwerth (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:14:04.24 
4.  Grace Green (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:14:30.22 
5.  Jane Tullis (Rome, GA)   Frazier Cycling Juniors   0:14:30.83 

Women Junior 15-16

1.  Hannah Arensman (Rutherford College, NC)   TWENTY16 Junior Development Team   0:31:01.12 
2.  Summer Moak (Katy, TX)   TWENTY16 Junior Development Team   0:31:20.22 
3.  Hannah Green (Boise, ID)   BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev Squad)   0:31:24.08 
4.  Kennedy Adams (Stow, OH)   ProChain Junior Girls   0:31:35.75 
5.  Megan Heath (Alpharetta, GA)   Frazier Cycling   0:32:01.77 

Women Junior 9-10

1.  Marie Grassi (COLUMBUS)      0:16:11.66 
2.  Courtney Diemar (Jupiter, FL)      0:16:43.12 
3.  Alexa Hoppenfeld (ATLANTA)   Frazier Cycling Juniors   0:17:27.14 
4.  Lilly Mcleod (Brooksville, FL)   Triton Multisport Cycling Team   0:17:59.25 
5.  Abby Bazley (NACOGDOCHES TEXAS)   Northwest Cycling Club   0:18:02.13 



1.  Clark Rachfal (Annapolis, MD)   US Paralympics   0:34:33.83 
1.  David Swanson (Tucson, AZ)   Body by Vi p/b Velo Vie   0:34:33.83 
2.  Shawn Olin (Chula Vista, CA)   Holliday Rock p/b Zoca   0:35:11.59 
2.  Lance Footer (Taylors, SC)   Holliday Rock p/b Zoca   0:35:11.59 
3.  Chester Triplett (Mooresville, NC)      0:36:01.59 
3.  Reuben Howden (Huntersville, NC)      0:36:01.59 

Men C1 Para

1.  Matthew Bigos (Cardiff By The Sea, CA)   Alternabike/Velo Hangar   0:33:03.15 
2.  Todd Key (SCOTTSDALE)   Team Winded Development   0:33:05.42 
3.  Anthony Zahn (Mill Valley, CA)      0:36:26.03 

Men C2 Para

1.  Aaron Keith (Woodinville, WA)   Team Roger C Peace   0:30:08.05 
2.  William Lister (Huntington Beach, CA)   Team Rokform   0:33:42.40 
3.  Richard Cook (Fredericksburg, VA)      0:37:52.83 

Men C3 Para

1.  Joseph Berenyi (Oswego, IL)   ABD Cycling Team   0:28:45.59 
2.  Steve Kelly (Draper, UT)      0:29:41.61 
3.  Jason Kimball (Charlotte , NC)   Team Roger C Peace   0:31:45.88 

Men C4 Para

1.  Jeffrey Martin (Oceanside, CA)   Team Roger C Peace   0:36:19.40 
2.  Jonathan Copsey (CARMEL )   Tierra Plan Racing   0:37:10.35 
3.  Aaron Trent (Greenville, SC)   Team Roger C Peace   0:38:24.48 

Men C5 Para

1.  Mark Gyulafia (Westwood, KS)   Blue River Bicycle Club   0:37:24.45 
2.  Christopher Murphy (Colorado Springs, CO)   Team Rokform   0:38:08.01 
3.  Jordan Bressler (Dupont, WA)   Olympia Orthopaedic Associates   0:39:00.94 

Men H2 Para

1.  William Groulx (PORTLAND)   Paralyzed Veterans Racing   0:36:54.57 
2.  Brian Sheridan (Clarkston, MI)   Paralyzed Veterans Racing   0:40:07.18 
3.  Anthony Pedeferri (Camarillo, CA)      0:43:06.42 

Men H1 Para

1.  Rob Zimny (Shelbyville, IN)      0:43:03.35 

Men H3 Para

1.  William Lachenauer (Reno, NV)   Team Roger C Peace   0:31:42.25 
2.  Matthew Updike (Denver, CO)      0:32:29.89 
3.  David Randall (Mansfield, OH)   Team Roger C Peace   0:33:32.02 

Men H4 Para

1.  Tom Davis (Fremont, IN)      0:32:05.41 
2.  Carlos Moleda (Bluffton, SC)   Paralyzed Veterans Racing   0:34:06.57 
3.  Butch Martin (Fishers, IN)      0:35:46.16 

Men H5 Para

1.  Oscar Sanchez (San Diego, CA)      0:32:11.00 
2.  Daniel Cnossen (Winter Park, CO)      0:34:11.85 
3.  Dane Pilon (RALEIGH)   Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4   0:35:56.44 

Men T1 Para

1.  Jay Lapointe (Aurora, CO)      0:24:37.36 

Men T2 Para

1.  Ryan Boyle (MONROE CONNECTICUT)   Team Roger C Peace   0:35:46.24 
2.  Steven Peace (San Diego, CA)      0:35:50.61 
3.  Frank Matzke (SAINT AUGUSTINE)      0:45:08.44 

Women BVI

1.  Mackenzie Woodring (Belmont, MI)      0:38:53.31 
1.  Shawn Cheshire (Camillus, NY)   Syracuse Bicycle Cycling Club   0:38:53.31 
2.  Karissa Whitsell (Colorado Springs, CO)      0:40:09.37 
2.  Lisa Turnbull (Springfield, OR)      0:40:09.37 
3.  Catherine Dickson (Glendale, AZ)   Team Winded Development   0:41:59.64 
3.  Kara Vatthauer (Tucson, AZ)   Blind Stokers Club   0:41:59.64 

Women C2 Para

1.  Allison Jones (Colorado Springs, CO)   Globalbike Racing   0:34:53.00 

Women C3 Para

1.  Jamie Whitmore (Mount Aukum, CA)      0:32:27.94 

Women C4 Para

1.  Shawn Morelli (Leavenworth, KS)   Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Racing   0:31:47.47 
2.  Kelly Elmlinger (San Antoniosan Antonio, TX)      0:38:45.65 
996.  Megan Fisher (Seattle, WA)   Hagens Berman-Society Consulting   0 

Women C5 Para

1.  Greta Neimanas (Colorado Springs, CO)   TWENTY16 Pro Cycling   0:30:35.44 
2.  Samantha Heinrich (Spring Hill, FL)      0:31:20.39 
3.  Jennifer Schuble (Homewood, AL)   East Point Track Club   0:33:03.38 

Women H3 Para

1.  Alicia Dana (Putney, VT)   Putney Bicycle Club   0:38:42.75 
2.  Marianna Davis (Salt Lake City, UT)   US PARACYCLING   0:39:50.48 
3.  Beth Requist (Fraser, CO)      0:49:43.20 

Women H4 Para

1.  Thea Rosa (COOL)   Victory Velo Racing   0:43:51.02 

Women H5 Para

1.  Oksana Masters (Louisville, KY)      0:38:07.20 

Women T2 Para

1.  Jill Walsh (SYRACUSE NY)      0:17:46.26 
2.  Beth Hope (SANTEE CA)   Paralyzed Veterans Racing   0:20:57.80 
3.  Kristin Brown (OTTUMWA IOWA)      0:25:26.05 


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