February 2012 Technical Director Update


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February 2012 Technical Director Update

OMG, its coming, its coming… the season that is. Lots of good stuff in the works this year.

Officials Clothing Program

The sale item for February will continue to be the long-sleeve dress shirts shown below:


These will be offered at the monthly discount rate of 15% by using the code 12FEBOFFICIAL Please see this link for our clothing store: http://www.usacyclingapparel.net/officials.aspx


The rulebooks are done, and the mail company just called to say they are taking them all to the post office today. So, if you renewed by a week ago, you should be getting one of those soon. If not, give me a call and I will send you one.

Officials Assignments

We have finished the first and second rounds of national-level officials’ assignments, and there were many changes this year. In the first round of assignments, the National Technical Commission (NTC) assigned all of the positions for the UCI races and most of the positions for the National Championships. For the NRC races, the NTC assigned the Chief Referee and Chief Judge, and then the Regional Technical Commissions (RTC) assigned other positions, followed by the local associations filling out the crews.

The current assignments have been posted on the officials’ page, here.

You will see that there are lots of TBD positions still to be filled by the RTC and LA’s, so if you did not get in on the first couple of rounds, there is still a chance. This was a difficult year for assignments. We had record numbers of students pass the A clinics last year so we had many more officials to try to find homes for.

Officials Fees

This should come as pleasant news. We are increasing officials’ fees in certain areas as follows:

  • Per diem rates are being increased to $35
  • UCI races will now pay the higher NRC/NC rates ($200, $140, $115)
  • Fees for lower level events (C-E) are being increased ($100, $80, $70)

Continuing Education (CE)

As part of our movement towards increasing the professionalism of officials, we are adding a continuing education component to the program. What follows are excerpts from a draft document regarding the program. There will likely be many changes in the next few years, with the process starting out very simply this year, and increasing in scope the next few years and for officials of higher ranks.

Purpose and Goals.
(1) To assure that all working race officials are current on USA Cycling (USAC) Rules, policies, and procedures, (2) to enhance officiating skills within the corps of officials; (3) to assure national uniformity in the application of USAC rules, policies and procedures; and, (4) to increase the level of professionalism within the corps of officials.

Minimum CE Requirements.
The minimum CE requirements for officials increases during the initial three years of the program to allow development of the necessary programmatic materials and supporting infrastructure to successfully administrate the CE program. The initial requirements are:

    1. 2013. To renew a USAC Official’s license in 2013, the renewing official must have attended a seminar on new rules, procedures, and policies within the last 12 months. This course will be offered by way of a local meeting in most areas. For the renewing official who is unable to attend a local meeting, the same program will be offered on-line.
    2. 2014. To renew a USAC Official’s license in 2014, the renewing official must have attended the annual seminar on new rules, procedures, and policies within the last 12 months; and must have completed at least one (1) additional hour of continuing education.
    3. 2015 and Subsequent Years. To renew a USAC Official’s license in 2015 and any subsequent year, the renewing official must have attended the annual seminar on new rules, procedures, and policies within the last 12 months. In addition, each renewing official must have completed at least three (3) additional hours of continuing education before renewal. One of these additional hours can be certified self-study.
    4. New officials. New officials are not subject to CE requirements their initial year of registration. New officials must attend an annual seminar on rules, procedures, and policies within 12 months following the initial issuance of their license. In subsequent years, these officials must meet the applicable CE requirements.

Primary Method of Completion
The primary method by which most officials are expected to complete their continuing educations requirements is attendance at seminars put on locally by the local association, their Regional Technical Commission (RTC) or USAC, or by attending webinars available on the USAC web site. There are, however, alternative methods of obtaining the necessary credit hours of continuing education that will be discussed later.

Annual Seminar on New Rules, Procedures, and Policies
There will be an annual program created each year addressing rule changes, new or modified procedures applicable to officials, and any new policies affecting officials or officiating.

This program will be developed and updated annually by USAC staff. The program outline, script, lesson plan, and any accompanying materials such as a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and other program materials, will be made available to the RTCs, Regional Coordinators (RCs) and Local Associations (LAs) as early as practical. The program will be presented in as many localities at local officials’ meetings as possible. The program will also be available on the USAC website for any official unable to attend a local meeting at which the program is presented.

Subject to logical and necessary variation from year to year, the program will be approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour in length. Annual completion of this program is mandatory for all officials.

Development of Program Materials and Infrastructure
Responsibility for program development shall be with USAC staff.

An initial series of programs, each approximately 1 hour in length, will be developed during the year 2012. Tentatively, the areas of program development envisioned will include presentations in the following areas: 

  1. Road
    1. motor officials
    2. on-the-road caravan skills
    3. criterium skills
    4. time trial skills
    5. stage racing
  2. Cyclocross
    1. Course structure and layout, starting procedures, general & misc.
    2. 80% pullout rule
    3. Pit rules and skills
  3. Track
    1. on-track referee skills
    2. starter skills
    3. judge-referee skills
    4. mass-start track events
  4. Mountain Bike
    1. gravity event skills
    2. cross country skills
  5. BMX
    1. starting
    2. On-track skills
  6. Multi-discipline issues
    1. Judging and timing skills
    2. Chief Judge skills and responsibilities
    3. Bike measurement and equipment rules
    4. Race announcements, technical guides (race bible), permits, entry in races, mixing of category and classes, prize lists and distribution
    5. Professionalism
    6. Race management
    7. Grievance and discipline procedures
    8. Insurance and Risk Management

Presentation of Program Materials

  1. Program materials and seminars will be presented in two manners. First, they will be made available to designated instructors selected by the RTC and approved by the NTC and Technical Director. These instructors will present seminars at selected locations within their respective Regions. Instructors will provide attendees with a “certificate of attendance” which the attendee will retain as proof of compliance.
  2. Second, the seminars will be made available to any licensed official via the USAC website. The attendance of the individual officials will be recorded by the website and a “certificate of attendance” will be e-mailed to the official.

Certified Self Study

  1. Certified self study consists of any activity relating to the duties and obligations of a licensed official reasonably calculated to improve or enhance the individual’s officiating skills. By way of example, these may include, reading and participation in an electronic officials’ forum; reading UCI guides for commissaires; reading articles in NASO magazine or any other magazine or publication directed to improvement of officiating skills.

Additional Ways to Satisfy Requirements

  1. Continuing education credits may be obtained in several manners other than attendance at USAC or UCI in-person seminars or through webinars.
  2. These include by way of example: attendance at corporate or employer sponsored programs, or programs of professional societies or association which are directly relevant to officiating such as programs on elimination of bias, or management and supervision of difficult employees; attendance at programs presented by other sports officiating entities, such as a Little League or Pop Warner referees program on dealing with difficult parents; or a red cross or other program granting a certificate in CPR or First Aid.
  3. Continuing education credit will be given for service on any UCI or USAC board, commission, or committee, including a RTC, or functioning as a local assigner.
  4. Continuing education credit will be given for attendance at any “officials summit” conducted by USAC. This full credit will satisfy an official’s continuing education requirement for both the year of attendance and the following calendar year.
  5. Continuing education credit will be given for attendance at any upgrade clinic or seminar conducted by USAC. Passing the course and upgrading will satisfy the official’s continuing education requirement for both the year of attendance and the following calendar year.
  6. Continuing education credit will be given for successfully completing and upgrading via on-line modules. This upgrade will satisfy the official’s continuing education requirement for both the year of completing of the modules and upgrading and the following calendar year.
  7. Continuing education credit will be given for teaching a USAC seminar, developing a USAC education program, or authoring any published work on an officiating-related topic published in a journal or magazine of general circulation to sports officials.

Selection of Instructors.

  1. Instructors may be nominated by an LA, by a RC, or by any member of the RTC or NTC. Instructors must be A level or above and must be approved by the RTC or NTC and the Technical Director. An instructor must have demonstrated a detailed understanding of the subject upon which they will conduct a seminar. Instructors will follow the lesson plan or outline provided for the seminar, subject, of course, to natural deviations generated by student questions and/or class discussion.

Completion Monitoring

  1. Primary completion monitoring and enforcement is by self-reporting annually at the time of license renewal.

Well, that would seem to be enough for one month. Next month I hope to roll out a document that outlines the entire education and upgrading process for officials. Have a great rest of the month.


Shawn Farrell
Technical Director

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