12 Hours in the Papago
Tempe, AZ
USAC Permit Number 2013-379
 Event Description
ARE YOU READY TO ROLL? Four Peaks Brewing 12 Hours in the Papago, will test you like never before. Get ready for a slightly revised, highly entertaining course for 2013. This will kick off your New Year and get you started on that New Year's Commitment...and possibly kick you in the backside as well...which quite honestly is sometimes what you need.... The Quick 'n Dirty...ride your bike by yourself (solo), with a friend (duo), or with 3 friends (quad)...do this on a looped course in Tempe's infamous Papago Park for 12 hours...it's that simple...you'll have a good time...and if not...well....you should've. In the interest of keeping it fair, if you have a Coed Duo or Quad relay team, that gal must log laps counts within 2 laps of the highest number of laps by a guy on the team.

 Course Description
START - Lemans style start....yea...run to your bike...hopefully we don't make you sumersault or cartwheel (we have seen it on you tube so don't think we won't or can't)....hop on your steed and roll it....for 12 hours...in a loop...in the Papago LOOPED COURSE - Papago Park has some great trails and then are broken in weekly with the STP (Short Track Papago) crew during the summer...the loop for this course will be approximately 7.2 miles and have a few spots for you to drop the hammer (ie big ring = fast), a few spots that will make you clutch your brakes, pucker, and yes some single track along side bushes that like to scratch (battle wounds are cool)....did we mention the tunnel?...yea you get to go through a tunnel...we will MANDATE that you dismount, and run through it...but it is stil cool. Stay on your toes...ya never know what else we may add to the course just for the sake of our own entertainment.
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee  Late Fee  Onsite Fee 
7:00 am  Open  12 Hrs - Duo  All All  1-99  Medals  3 12 Hrs  166   $130 $150 $160
7:00 am  Open  12 Hrs - Quad  All All  1-99  Medals  3 12 Hrs  166   $180 $200 $210
7:00 am  Open  12 Hrs - SOLO  All All  1-99  Medals  3 12 Hrs  166   $80 $90 $100


Race Features This race will have the following goodness associated with your respective entry fee: Race Tee - cottony softness (no Hanes Beefy Tee)...soft like your fave tee, which btw has holes in it. Timed Event - results on site and throughout the event Music - yea, we will have an emcee and some rockin tunes to keep ya rollin Portos - we know we need 'em so you probably need 'em more...we'll have 'em! Awards - 3 Deep per Category Categories Solo Male Solo Female Duo Male Duo Female Duo Co-Ed (Females must do at least 2 laps) Quad Male Quad Female Quad Co-Ed Schwag...goodness from our sponsors to you...we ask that you acknowledge the sponsors and their supreme kindness and support to all our events with your patronage and the occasional...hey thanks for being here! Water - we suggest you bring some, but certainly we will have some h2o on site for ya and help keep you hydrated. Goodies - we are working on additional support in the form of gels, bars etc...but have yet to dial it all in, as we do we will keep ya posted. Bring It So here is a short list of stuff to bring...certainly not all inclusive...but a good starting point. Lights - as daylight dwindles we need you to light up the trail and keep rollin till we call it a day Warm Clothes - we like you a ton, but don't snuggle with just anyone. Snacks - treats for you and a friend if you so choose...rice krispy treats, pringles, snickers, coke, a variety of fast food, burritos...soup....anything that sounds good either for a quick pit stop or a team brunch. Spare - tubes, tires, wheels (only some folks have this), ipod (one bud in the ear only!), Co2 Water Comfy Clothes - for hanging out between laps or post-event Cold Beverages - nothing beats a cold 'un Sunblock Chamois Butter - it's a wise investment...tho still akward for some of us. Pump Rain Jacket - ya never know...watch the forecast...we will too. Baby wipes....you would be surprised how useful they are.

Carpool if you can...just flat out easier for everyone...saves some gas (another good reason to ride your bike) and sometimes you make a friend out of it. Parking will LIKELY (still need to confirm) be available at the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park 1300 N. College Ave Tempe, AZ 85281 Map here NOTE - we recommend dropping your gear, then parking, then coming back to your spot....be cool about it! Obey all traffic laws when crossing the street to the park with your bike and gear.

 For More Information:
Casey Brown
Papago Park
Tempe, AZ
(480) 882-8112 www.redrockco.com/events/event-details.cfm?id=2614332B-A97C-4F67-9EAA30363A43D958
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