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Ride to the Rock
Chimney Rock, NC
USAC Permit Number 2013-3443
 Event Description
25 Mile bike ride finishing on top of Chimney Rock State Park

 Course Description
The 25 Mile Bike begins at 7:30 AM just outside the park entrance. This is a beautiful yet challenging bike course. It is 22 miles until you reach the park entrance as the last 3 miles moves straight up Chimney Rock State Park. All cyclists must be inside the park gates by 9:30 AM.
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee  Late Fee  Onsite Fee 
7:30 am  Mens  Ride        25 miles     $40 $40 $40
7:32 am  Womens  Ride        25 miles     $40 $40 $40



Race start address is 431 Main St, Chimney Rock, NC

 For More Information:
Michael Gutekunst
Chimney Rock, NC
Online registration