TNCX Practice
Tulsa, OK
09/03/2013 - 11/05/2013
USAC Permit Number 2013-2496
 Event Description
Cyclocross Practice Series- Bring your bike out to the west bank skate park, and shred around for a while! Get better! Have a beer! Every Tuesday in September, October, and a few in November. Guaranteed not to disappoint, but may hurt a little.

 Course Description
Courses will vary from week to week to include different aspects of cyclocross. These may be sand, run-ups, tight turns, and the occasional barrier (count on these being out more than occasionally)! These events are held on the west bank of Tulsa Riverparks near the skate park just South of the 23rd street bridge!
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee 
5:25 pm  Mens  Cyclo-cross          50   $5

Registration is 5$ per rider, and 10$ if you don't have a USAC licensee. I am hoping to have a card reader up and running by the first event so that you can now pay with plastic. Also a discounted rate if you choose to pay for the entire practice series up-front!

Start times are tentative each week for the kids, B, and A races. The C race will start each week promptly at 5:25 so as to allow time to race before the sun sets!


 For More Information:
Tanner Culbreath
Tulsa, OK