Talon Trails Excruciation Exam
Warda, TX
USAC Permit Number 2008-78
 Event Description
The #2 race in the Texas Marathon Series.

 Course Description
1 Lap at Bluff Creek Ranch, dirt roads to Rocky Hill Ranch, 1 Big lap there, and dirt roads back to BCR.
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee 
      Open Men    $250  2 87 miles     $55
      Open Women    $250  2 87 miles     $55

mail entries to: Talon Trail Systems 512 Eberhart Ln. #1303 Austin, TX 78745 Entry fee is $55.



 For More Information:
Ryan Spates
543 Owl Creek Rd.
Warda, TX
(713) 446-6610 www.tmbra.org